"Good sister-in-law"

Xu tui is smart enough to say hello before taking the initiative.
But it’s boring
Chi Hongying, wearing long false eyelashes, stepped across to indicate a distance of firewood.
"Don’t call me sister-in-law. It’s still thousands of miles away. You can call me senior."
With long, tall Martin boots, Chi Hongying holding his arms and standing up, he shouted at Chai Xiao, "Chai Xiao, if you want to fight, you must hurry up."
I don’t have time to wave with you here. "
Being actively pulled away from Chai Xiao was a little embarrassed and explained, "It’s not enough to inform that there are students from the India Union District coming to communicate."
Besides, it’s still mysterious for the other teacher to take care of the students, so I want to find my brother to practice.
I’ll tell you that although I’m a mysterious first-year brother, I’m very powerful. "
Chi Hongying stood with his arms around him and took a look at Xu tui and Chai Xiao. "No matter how powerful the first grade is, it is also a weak chicken!"
Xu back awkward glanced at Chai Xiao.
It seems that Chai Xiao didn’t get this female ticket.
It’s kind of like being licked.
"Red tassel, do you remember the famous orphan soldier Deng Wei? That’s my brother’s success is really fierce. "
"Beat a freshman who just entered school or a weak chicken!"
Speaking of which, Chi Hongying looked at Chai Xiao and said, "If he can beat you into an orphan soldier, that’s really something."
This is not only embarrassing for Chai Xiao, but also embarrassing for following Xu back to the auto show.
Chai Xiao, this girlfriend is too strong.
Of course, when Xu tuijue introduced Chai Xiao, he said that the word "girlfriend" should be removed.
"You hurry up and dawdle again. I’ll eat by myself first." Chi Hongying urged.
Chai Xiao slightly embarrassed jilted to jilt his head turned into red, blue and green coquettish hair at xu back way "brother, then let’s do it quickly.
You want to light a lamp in the toilet, I will satisfy you now. "
Promise to make some hesitation at the same time. He didn’t expect Chai Xiao to come with a female ticket.
Will the fight hurt Chai Xiao’s face later?
That’s not good.
"Brother Chai, do you want another day?"
"What to do another day? Just now! "
"Chai Ge …"
"Hurry up, hurry up"
Talk Chai Xiao took the initiative to the center of the arena and waved at Xu tui.