Camel beast is not Chen Yi’s ultimate goal, but he hopes to clone a mount like earthworm to enrich his diplomatic and military advantages in the western continent.

Cloned animals are also pregnant. If a cell is studied for half a year and cloned for another half a year, he might as well send a new armored vehicle.
Because of this, Chen Yi’s tone is firm.
"All right, I’ll try." Wu Fangyu’s tone is that he is depressed. Generally speaking, scholars and businessmen should be grovelling in the early stage-even Yang Bailao and Huang Shiren are grovelling in the late stage. But he knows that Chen Yi’s identity has changed and he still has to refund money …
Chen Yi smiled gently and became polite again. "Professor Wu, shall we set off?"
"Still going? I help you make a phone call "Wu Fangyu think Chen Yi is too difficult.
"I have to go. What if you don’t go to others to say that you are busy?"
Wu Fangyu couldn’t help it. He wanted to call his old friend and pushed Chen Yi.
The two men caught Wu Fangyu, a raptor, and for a while they didn’t wriggle themselves, in exchange for complaints from the little lizard.
However, Professor Wu’s dissatisfaction did not last long.
Because Chen Yi gave Wu Fangyu and Zhou Yuanyuan a box in the biological laboratory of Jiangning Agriculture and Forestry University, he performed the "trick" of changing ore into metal.
After burying the box in a pile of ore for more than an hour, you can pour out a regular metal ingot from its mouth, weighing 15 kilograms, and the purity of copper is quite high.
"It’s amazing!" Wu Fangyu exclaimed that he regretted introducing others to Chen Yi. "I know a lot about cell engineering …"
This kind of research is better than camel cloning.
"You are a supervisor" Chen Yi has long thought about it.
Professor Zhou Yuanyuan, the owner of the laboratory, put away his face after holding a pair of glasses and asked in surprise, "Mr. Chen, are you worried about me?"
Instead of answering, Chen Yi thought, "You must sign a strict legal document with me to keep it confidential and ensure that all the benefits and achievements derived from this strain belong to me and the funds will be subject to the dual supervision of the accounting firm and Professor Wu Fangyu."
"Too much!" Professor Zhou Houyuan is in the prime of life and controls a national laboratory at the age of five, which has a considerable academic status. Seeing his face become warped, he immediately went out of shape without fear of expensive kiss xiu.
Chen Yi hung up a listening scroll for himself without moving. Sure enough, when he heard Professor Zhou Yuan talking to himself to comfort himself, his horse buckled and his horse buckled … What a good strain should be made public …
Chen Yi imperceptibly moved a corner of his mouth.
The so-called professors and experts are the same in personality, and they will not be more upright or more tasteful because they read more. Of course, they will show the attitude of being superior to others because of their worries about their lives and their higher status. However, when faced with immediate interests, they will still vulgarize the study of a special and valuable strain and make it public. Professor Yuan Yuan hopes that this will be more meaningful than simply developing a patent by a company. After all, China’s unplanned income is not high. Of course, if the strain is Zhou, Professor Hou Yuan will probably try his best to keep it secret and apply for a patent. This is from the perspective of personal interests. Has he taken into account the interests of investors? What are the qualifications for capitalists to be the object of people’s democratic dictatorship
Chen Yi doesn’t mind Zhou Yuanyuan thinking about his own thinking mode. Experts and professors all over the world are the same. If there are differences in thinking modes, they are also caused by different sources and distribution of interests, not moral differences.
The national laboratory of Jiangning Agriculture and Forestry University has done research on bacterial metallurgy, and Zhou Yuan is also a leading figure. If Wu Fangyu didn’t introduce him, he might not have met people today.
In the stalemate, Wu Fangyu hoped that Zhou Yuanyuan would really leave.
However, this will not happen after all.
Chapter three hundred and ninety Strains (2)
Professor Zhou Yuanyuan changed his face and laughed. "I accept the supervision of legal documents, so I don’t have to guarantee my personality."
Chen Yi can’t question people’s personality, but he doesn’t believe in strangers’ personality, so he got up and said, "You mean you don’t agree? What a pity. "
He walked to the front of the lab, and Zhou Yuanyuan grabbed him and smiled heartily. "I agreed, agreed, so … let’s do it today?"
Wu Fangyu thought he could steal something before he signed it. Lao Zhou really dared. This is Chen Jiasun.
Chen Yi hangs a scroll to listen to. I also heard that it is Pei here. If it weren’t for Wu Fangyu’s white inside, maybe he really got the word.
"I’ll give it to you after signing the legal documents." Chen Yi didn’t leave any chance.
There are many silly and naive township entrepreneurs or young students in China who often take their own hard-working creations to find experts and professors to correct them. Although most of them lack scientific research or commercial value, there are always some very valuable ones who are good at transforming and plagiarizing without good supervision. It is really fascinating for professors to deal with such flying pies.
Zhou Yuanyuan smiled and said, "We will do it as soon as possible."
He can’t see the embarrassment of rejection or unbelief in his face. He’s a real quitter.
Wu Fangyu in distress situation followed Chen Yi out of the lab and couldn’t help but look at him. "You are too refined for your age."
Chen Yi shrugged his shoulders and said humbly, "I’m your boss if I don’t dare."
Wu Fangyu, a proud scholar, shook his head and finally Qu Chenjia’s forces did not refute his words.
On the second day, the lawyer of Tuantuan signed a contract on behalf of Professor Chen Yi Zhou Yuan’s laboratory, and then delivered the strain.
Although it is a very promising strain, its value is mainly economic value, so there is a strict legal document and Chen Yi background, which makes it safer than putting it in a safe at home.
Zhou Yuanyuan seemed to wait on the ancestors to welcome the box of gods to his experimental platform and rubbed his hands. At that time, I didn’t know whether to play the microscope first or take the experimental notes first.
"You guys hurry up and put the camera up." He ignored Chen Yi and was ready to posture at this time.
It’s not easy to get this strain, and God knows when Chen Yi will end up together, even if he regrets not working hard, he will be green.
Experts and professors can go to Zhou Yuanyuan this step, not to mention that there is no shortage of academic research results and papers. It is his political achievements that he is not afraid to go to the horizon. He dares to take big risks to deceive Chen Yi-at least by cheating the back door.
For the same reason, when the strain reaches other departments, it will be released. Even if the research paper cannot be published and subject to supervision, if the strain can really exceed the existing metallurgical level of bacteria, its name will increase greatly around the world.