This stereoscopic image came in from the open floor-to-ceiling window and moved slowly in the hall of the command room.

"general! Get out of here quickly! " Around the virtual people immediately took out their weapons and pointed them at the box showing stereoscopic images outside the window. At the same time, several virtual people kept telling the general to back off.
"You …" And the general didn’t want to retreat, but instead he faced the image.
"You released this image …" The general said, "Do you want to communicate with us?"
"general! Very dangerous! They will also kill people by image! " The virtual people around are quite anxious, but the general sees them as nervous in front of the image
"They want to kill us and just blow this place up. There is no need to do this," the general said, pointing to the image. "Are you going to communicate?"
The "… Yes" image sends out the language of virtual people.
At the moment it sounded, the imaginary people around it suddenly showed a surprised expression.
Because this is the first time that Black Metal is willing to communicate directly with non-believer Xu Min, no matter how hard Xu Min tries, they have no intention to communicate …
This kind of crazy attack on the enemy without saying anything is the most terrible.
But now even if they want to communicate and seem to talk, Xu Min feels a sense of fear …
"You … communicate with it." The image raised a hand and pointed to the general in a fluent and unemotional language and said to him, "How much do you know about it?"
"it?" The general was stupefied. "What did you say?"
"It helps you in the battle so that you can win, doesn’t it?" With a wave of his hand, an image of a furry object appeared beside him.
"This is … before the news often reported new creatures?" A virtual citizen next to him said, "What’s the matter?"
"You communicate with it," the image said to the general. "If you want to destroy it, stop communicating with it and tell us all the information you have received about it."
"You can choose to promise or … die here." The box outside the window suddenly lit up behind the image.
"Be careful! General! " Several imaginary people immediately blocked the general.
"You are not destroyed yet," the image said. "If you promise to receive the information forever … then you can eliminate the destruction."
"What’s the difference between saying yes and those Christians?" The general pushed the imaginary people and said, "We will not allow you to enslave us. Even if you kill me now, there will be more people against you. Tens of billions of people in our world will try their best to resist your aggression!"
The video track "is a very small number, and you still have 500 seconds to decide."
The general’s anger kept rising and he suddenly asked, "Why did you do this? What will invade us? "
The image continued, "What? You can think for yourself. You still have 430 seconds. "
"What I want you to answer!" The general roared, "We have nothing here! We are running out of resources here! What? You’re still coming! What exactly do you want? What on earth did you do to slaughter so many people? What? "
"Resources are really like a primitive creature to think of reasons," the image said. "There are still 370 seconds left."
"Then what are you?" The general shouted, "Look at the scene of destruction outside. Do you have to do this?"
"It doesn’t make much sense to do that." The image seems to have become a little interested and said more words. "We didn’t want to come forward. We wanted you to kill yourselves until it appeared. We didn’t think it was necessary to fight."
The general asked, "You mean … you invaded because of that hairball?"
"That’s right," the image said. "There are still 300 seconds."
The general said, "Then why don’t you attack it directly? Why attack us?"
"hexapod, our goal is not it, but we found it when we invaded you," the image said. "You can fight with us directly because of it, or you will die in the war."
"You want us to fight?" The general said, "What good is that for you? Why are you doing this? So hard to find us and infiltrate us for hundreds of years is to let us fight? "
The general clenched his fist and almost squeezed blood to suppress his anger. He said, "Did you come here simply to slaughter us?"
"Do you think so? There seems to be a little emotion in the video sound of hexapod general. "Let’s take a look at yourselves before discussing our reasons. We know you hexapods very well."
"You have slaughtered several species, and many species have been slaughtered on the grounds of having fun, having interesting competitions and being ugly." The video said, "You have also slaughtered similar species of yours, and now they are still printing your money. Your cubs are educated and described as helping your species, but no one knows the truth."
"What truth?" General suddenly one leng and virtual people are almost the same expression.
Two imaginary soldiers whispered to each other, "Do you know this?" "I don’t know! I have never seen it at school, but I like to watch history best! "
"It seems that you don’t know the hexapod general," the image said. "There have been historical facts that have been forgotten, but I believe you won’t forget the fact that you still have 200 seconds to decide whether you are dead or alive."
"You still haven’t told me …" The general said, "Tell me your reasons, and I will tell you that I have decided what you are here for? Kill us for fun? "
"What a stupid question, hexapod," the video said. "What would you do if you received a virtual signal one day, which confirmed to you that there was a creature similar to you in the virtual space, and you just had the ability to get there? See it? "
"We …"
The general was interrupted by the image before he finished speaking. "Of course not, no matter how much it costs, it doesn’t matter much. You will want to see what is going on there and what will be affected. You will not make a decision until you see it."
"Life without curiosity … has no future."
The general asked, "Do you mean to come and have a look out of curiosity because you received our message?"
"No," the image said, "You won’t know unless you look at our God. You have 130 seconds to make a decision."
"no!" The general roared, "I … will never worship monsters!"
"But this monster was released by your ancestors." When the image said this, the general suddenly showed a surprised expression, while the image continued, "Don’t blame yourself too much, General Hexapod. Your world is like a piece of meat in the jungle. It may be swallowed up or rotted, and it is also a matter of probability. What your ancestors did was to increase the probability of being swallowed up a little bit."
"You … have one hundred seconds."
After it was finished, the imaginary people around him didn’t speak, including the general, and they were silent.
But occasionally there will be some small discussions next to the virtual people, but they seem to be more interested in the biological thing on the back of the virtual currency
"What did you decide to do?" Look at them, the silent image sounds "This is your last" again.
"We decided to … do it!"
The general suddenly put an arm out of the window and suddenly "boom" came. The whole floating outer box shook suddenly.
"Damn it, didn’t it hurt?" Xu Min and the general were shocked to see the square still floating outside. The general hurriedly said, "Hurry up and play again …"
The image shape also flashed a few times because the square was hit, but it did not disappear.
"You made your normal judgment," the image said, "but not the correct judgment."
This moment the box gave off a strong light …