According to his status, he rarely goes to the auction site in person as he does now.

Because this always happens, there is always a big shot who has booked something to be auctioned in advance.
The other party guaranteed that they would be able to take the goods.
Only in this way can our own resources communicate with the auction department personnel.
Ask the other party to give the right price and add his status to be noble enough.
Then the auction house is still willing to open a back door occasionally for these expensive people.
But now Daniel appears here alone, which makes the guards confused.
You have no guests to bring in. Then what are you doing here?
If it weren’t for Daniel’s appearance, his badge would be real.
The guards are beginning to wonder if Daniel is here for any special purpose.
When asked by the guard, Daniel smiled and said, "Some things in the goods are more expensive this time and several important people have communicated with me."
"Take those before you want, maybe take them first. I want to come and see and make sure that there may be no problem."
"Why don’t you open the door? I’ll leave when I’m sure the goods are all right."
"This …"
Hearing that Daniel was going to enter the warehouse, the guards looked at each other and said, "I’m sorry, Daniel, but we can’t meet your requirements."
"You should know the auction rules better than we do. Once the goods enter the auction warehouse, no one can take them out before the auction day."
"Even the big shots who bought the goods before can get their own things on the day of auction."
"You should know this better than we do, Lord Daniel."
Daniel’s smile slowly solidified when he heard this.
It seems that I didn’t expect such a situation.
And the guards around seem to have reached some kind of decision after looking at each other, and surrounded Daniel vaguely.
There are not many guards, only ten in all.
But it is these ten people, each of whom is a gold-level strength.
Although they are all weak in the gold level, ten people together still have terrible fighting capacity.
Not to mention this is a combination of five alien and five royal beasts.
In such a narrow terrain as auction house, it is impossible for ordinary people to rush through them and enter the rear auction house.
At this time, in the’ exclusive box’, Po is curious to see everything outside.
Because its box now has a huge French window, it can clearly see what is happening outside.
Soon after Daniel appeared, Po noticed the strangeness of the other party.
The other side, Po felt the familiar’ dark’ breath.
Although the breath fluctuation is very weak.
But for Po, who has both’ darkness’ and’ super power’.
Although it can’t easily express its two forces, Po can clearly perceive that the general biological energy fluctuates by combining’ darkness, devouring’ and’ super power, shaking’.
And it is Daniel who perceive special fluctuations that do not belong to human.
More than Po, Daniel can be found to be a "corpse" that can act at this time.
His heart stopped beating long ago.
Po looked at the outside and seemed to be fighting at any moment. The scene suddenly became interested.
It moved a little, and little ass chose a place with the best view.
Kaka was secretly excited while eating fresh bamboo shoots in his hand.
Fight! Why don’t you fight?
Meanwhile, Daniel seems to have found himself exposed.
He smiled in horror at the many guards who surrounded him.
See his mouth lifted all the way to the ears.
Seeing this, the guards immediately assumed a fighting posture.
Five royal beast division have released their own gold pet beast.
And the whole auction warehouse immediately lit up the alarm.
Daniel looked at the crowd and said with a smile, "Oh, I was thinking of quietly taking away the holy things, but why do you guys have to be so keen …"
"Who are you?"
A golden six-star alien came out
He is the captain of the guard here and the strongest among the ten people.
Daniel looked at him and said with a smile, "Who am I? I’m just a devout servant of my Lord. "
"Come on, come on, it seems that I can’t take my Lord’s holy things directly today, so I’ll let you go first …"
Said Daniel’s body began to twist.
Then all the ugly expressions of Daniel directly turned into a pool of mud.