I feel like sending it!

This piece of spiritual source crystal is like a pool, and he can constantly recharge it and then absorb it to practice.
One absorption is equivalent to one gram of source crystal cultivation.
Direct source crystal cultivation is definitely a luxury.
Most people here bring the source crystal back to the moon base or each joint area in exchange for practicing resources.
That’s more cost-effective
There are two pieces of spiritual power source crystals in Xu tui.
If it’s all done, it may take about half an hour to recharge it until it’s 30 or 20 laps.
Recharge a piece, absorb a piece, and allow a refund to be continuously circulated.
The cultivation speed can strengthen the two gene basis points to secondary silver in one hour!
It will take a few days to make a retreat, and it is certain that his current genetic base point will be changed to secondary silver.
It is also possible to find a few gene bases of tertiary development degree!
My heart beats faster at the thought of this retreat!
In that case, his strength will surely soar!
The near-energy-limited illusory visual matching and concentration enhancement method allows Xu to practice in just a few days and it can be worth it. The new human gene has worked hard for several years and even more than ten years!
This is not a fantasy!
The maneuverability is really very strong!
After all, this source can overflow the war circle and most of the time it is confrontation with the Lord
Especially show that the stronger the strength, the more people dare to provoke!
It’s possible for Xu tui to kill him again and then go crazy in a circle to cultivate himself.
The only trouble is to have someone to guard him.
Xu looked back at YanLie.
Yan Lie is a suitable candidate.
I really want him to help him keep an eye on Xu’s retreat, but I can’t lose Yan Lie. I must give him more benefits.
"Do you want to implement it now?"
Xu tui went through it again carefully and felt that the implementation was very strong.
But we need to communicate with Yan Lie in advance.
The waste source crystal in the telepathy is rapidly recharging the source energy when Xu retreats to organize the language.
Suddenly, Xu retreated and another bold idea came out!
Since human beings can quickly absorb the source energy inside through the source crystal, this waste spiritual source crystal can be recharged here with a concentration of quite Gao Yuan energy.
Can these three directly establish a circular communication channel?
Gene: Can new human beings absorb the Gao Yuan energy with high concentration here by directly absorbing this waste spiritual source crystal?
This waste spiritual source crystal is like a transit device.
If it works, the energy efficiency of the absorption source is much faster than the cycle of absorption, recharging and reabsorption.