"Can’t you build it?" Yevgeny wondered, "The inverter design should not be complicated."

"It’s not complicated, but it’s still a new research field for us … Considering the necessary experiments and design optimization … we estimate that you can"
Yevgeny smiled. "It seems that we overestimated you … didn’t communicate with you?"
"The former nuclear pool and the present foundation are all antimatter pools …" The intelligent body added, "I have noticed that these room forces are returned to the original wire equipment … which seems to be somewhat uncoordinated for you to reach the scientific and technological level now."
Yevgeny is full of words: "We have always been nostalgic for living … Now you see that all the equipment in this house was a lifestyle for us ten thousand years ago. Have you seen this mobile phone?"
Yevgeny said and took out his apple and showed it to the aliens. "Chi can take pictures in one day, but he still needs to be intelligent in front of people … Sometimes I really don’t know that my ancestors lived that original life with such simple tools, but now you see that it has become an antique, which makes him I have to charge it every day … But if he is so advanced that he doesn’t need me to do anything, what can I do all day?"
It is obviously impossible for an intellectual to identify a person who just met the earth and told him address unknown and yevgeny when they met for the first time. Of course, there is a purpose in saying these words-they need to pretend to be a super-high-tech product with the ability to build a search and rescue ship. If the other party finds out that their technical level is only in the era of the earth … this time it will be finished.
"Every article has its own way of playing, and I can understand it." The intelligent body looked at the gas stove and cooked. Wang said, "Did you bring him the robot?"
"No, of course not," yevgeny said quickly. "He’s my assistant."
"But he seems to be … cooking?"
"Yes, cooking," yevgeny said. "In my article, cooking is more an art than a job. See those seasonings?"
"Well, I noticed it." Zhiti looked at Wang You carefully in the past and brought a lot of spices from home, all of which are common things in China kitchens. Oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, cinnamon, fragrant leaves and thirteen spices … Wang You likes spicy food and brought a lot of oil peppers and garlic himself.
They have been busy with preparations all day today. To be honest, Wang has not eaten yet. He has seen that there is gas here and tried it. It is the same as the earth gas stove. He is ready to make two bowls of noodles for himself. "It’s like a small chemical laboratory."
"If you bring all kinds of measuring tools, this is the laboratory," yevgeny said, looking at Wang You, who was busy in the kitchen. "But if you feel it, it’s an artistic work. Did you notice his rapt expression?"
"I noticed" that since the two of them entered the room, the intelligent body has not stopped scanning and analyzing their muscles. Now he can clearly see that his assistant has completely devoted himself to the artistic creation of food as yevgeny said.
For example, they brought all kinds of moving equipment, but Wang You still insisted on the original cold weapon to cut and process ingredients, which can be seen in the historical documentary of the Energy Museum.
There is no other reason for a writer to be able to deliver technical articles than art. "It can be seen that he is very satisfied with his own creation."
"Professor, do you eat spicy food?" Wang You took a bite of the oil that he just cooked. It felt not bad, not worse than his wife’s, and shouted at yevgeny, "Do you want to be harder or softer?"
"Soft and less spicy"
"It’s a pity that you don’t have our body," yevgeny said. "Otherwise, you can experience our profound food culture."
"I have experienced the federal food, the federal body," Zhiti said. "It’s interesting but it doesn’t appeal to me."
"Then carbon-based organisms and silicon-based organisms are still estranged," yevgeny said. "This is also a good thing. If the life forms of the universe are all the same, the universe will be too boring."
Intellectual body did not answer.
Wang Youmian is ready to bring it here to yevgeny and then take some rice pickles out of his bag. yevgeny didn’t rush to eat after he took it, but looked at the virtual image of the intellectual body and seemed to be waiting for him to say something.
"I’ve heard your federal speech," said Zhiti. "yevgeny heard the sound as if this bowl of noodles in his hand was finally eaten until the last time." Now the federal government has declared war on you … Do you still insist on your original idea and want to interfere in this war? "
"No, we never said that we would interfere in the war." yevgeny’s speech posture while sipping noodles is hardly elegant-this is the first time that Wang You has seen yevgeny eat so fiercely. "But we believe that we will let you fight each other for nothing. War is not the best way to solve the problem."
"But war is the most efficient way," the intellectual paused and asked solemnly. "Can I understand what you just said that you will remain neutral in the war?"
"No," yevgeny shook his head firmly. "We will reserve the possibility of using force."
Intellectual body high volume stressed that "the federal has declared war on you! Do you want to face our hostility at the same time? "
"You also have the freedom to remain hostile," yevgeny said. "The post-Federation will know that it will be a huge mistake for them to declare war on us. I certainly hope that this mistake will not happen again."
"The Federation is our common enemy now," said the intelligent body. "Do you still expect the Federation to change its mind?"
"Maybe, but what about you?" Yevgeny asked, "Will you become our friend because the Federation has become an enemy?"
293 human intelligence
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"Enemies and enemies are friends," the intellectual said. "This is your language, and it represents your political views to some extent."
"That’s the viewpoint of the planetary age." yevgeny remained unmoved. "It’s easy to understand that the same planet strives for as much strength as possible to defeat the enemy in front of it, but this is not how Chinese in the universe is calculated. Do you know what is the most important factor for a text to continue?"
"Technology leadership?"