Think of something jade patted his forehead.
"You are a new brother outside, and you are qualified to choose two slaves to help you take care of the red sands in charge of the waters, waiting for you to pick two."
"Pick it out and let them get busy first."
Zhou Yi nodded and then looked at the corner of the hall.
"Can’t a fairy master Tian Man practice fairy dharma?"
Jade yawned over your mouth way
"But your spell power is too low to be as good as Wushu, and Wushu in the black wind tunnel is not inferior to spells at all."
"You’ll see."
Chapter one
Rows of slaves knelt on the cold bluestone floor and waited for others to choose. Although they hoped, one dared to go out.
They are all private property and slaves in the black wind tunnel
The environment of 100 thousand mountains is dangerous, and fierce beasts and monsters emerge one after another
Although barbarians are in good health, it is not easy for people nearby to enter the black wind tunnel, and handmaiden is also a way out.
Yu Taojin slave …
Not everyone can be a gold digger. After all, although a gold digger is a slave, he is equivalent to a reserve brother.
Is qualified to practice black wind tunnel bearing.
And once the ten-year period expires, he can become a foreign cousin.
Killing a gold digger, even a brother-in-law, will be punished, and killing a slave without a master is at best a warning.
Rationing people to serve tea and water, wash feet and warm quilts.
The only chance is to be seen as a private servant until the master soars and the status of the servant rises
If you are good-looking, you will have a better chance to give birth to great people.
"Baoyu, Aquarius, come here."
Responsible for the management of slaves, the director of sound, two women smell, look up at each other and see the ecstasy in each other’s eyes.
Two women with mountains and outsiders’ blood vessels and delicate bodies have failed to improve the environment after three years of menial service here.
Nowadays, it is actually seen by the nobles!
Others don’t cast envious eyes
For them, being seen by the nobles is different from being free from suffering, and they don’t have to stay in this dark place day and night.
The two sisters followed the guidance and got down on their knees before a tall figure.
"handmaiden Baoyu!"
"knock on the Lord"
"Get up." The male voice is calm and calm, with a lingering charm that naturally soothes the two women’s restlessness.
"My name is Zhou Yi. Come with me."
Two women should be up.
Aquarius is lively and quietly looks up at her eyes. Zhou Yi’s beautiful eyes can’t help but blink.
Accustomed to barbarians, Zhou Yi’s relatively three-dimensional neat facial features made her shine at the moment, and even her heart beat faster.
This is yourself and your sister, master?