Sildenafil? Viagra? Little blue pills?

This thing should not be available yet, right?
In his impression, this drug didn’t reach the market in Pfizer until the middle and late 1990s, and I don’t know when to start research. It seems that it is still studying some by-products of heart disease drugs.
No, no,no. Li Chu quickly threw these thoughts out of his head. When he’s done, he can think about it first. It’s business to get rid of this person first
Chapter six hundred and seventy Forget
An accurate diagnosis has been made and a prescription prescribed, which is very simple.
Li Chu handed the prescription to the staff of the Foreign Liaison Office before he said, "Mr. George is not a big problem."
After listening to the translation, George’s face lit up, and he was so excited that he almost jumped up with the beautiful girl behind him.
"Dr. Li, do you mean that you are absolutely sure to cure me?" George took a deep breath and asked.
"You can understand it this way, but this is conditional."
"I know, I know you can rest assured that I will try my best to promote this investment."
Li Chu smiled. He said that’s not the condition, but let’s misunderstand.
"Mr George …"
"Dr. Li, just call me George."
"Well, George, you can’t live a married life during the treatment period. You must know that. I hope you can remember what I said. The treatment period can’t be discussed once."
George hasn’t responded to his words yet. He twisted his body behind him.
It was her twist that made Li Chu look at her.
His eyes, which seemed to see through everything, made the secret more unnatural.
Hehe, it’s no wonder that it’s hard to hold back such a stunner without any concentration.
"Don’t worry, Dr. Li, I will definitely follow your doctor’s advice." If you can cure the disease and endure it for a while, what’s the matter? Let him endure it for a year and he can hold on.
After all, it’s still important to die. If you can live healthy, you will have everything after you live.
Rich people are most afraid of death.
At this time, Li Wenxuan has taken the prescription and went out to get the medicine.
"George, this time, I’ll prescribe medicine and drink it twice a day for five days, and I’ll fry a pair of medicine into two bowls. Once in the morning and once in the evening, you can stay in the Beijing Hotel to help you."
The secret behind has taken notes to record the translated words there.
This secret is grasped by life workers.
This old guy really enjoys it.
Li Chu secretly vomit a heart.
"Dr. Li, I remember that Angel told me that she came for a follow-up visit three days after taking the first medicine."
"Yes, your illness is a little more serious than hers. You have kidney deficiency, but she doesn’t."
Whether George’s own translation or the translation of the foreign liaison office is stuck, they have no idea how to express the word kidney deficiency in English.
“kidney defiieny”
Seeing that Li Chu can come by himself.
George believed Sarah’s words, not that people didn’t explain it, but that you didn’t understand it.
I can’t understand it. How can I understand it if I can’t translate it?
And just now, people said that the word was separated and he could understand what the hell it was after the meaning was combined.
Don’t be blind to yourself, just listen to others. Anyway, if it works, you will know in five days that you will be safe when you come.
Off the George and his party, Li Chu asked Li Wenxuan and the three of them to start receiving treatment and hurried back to their office with their big strength.
He’s still thinking about that crazy little pill in his heart
After returning to the office, I sat down on the sofa and began to think hard.
He ate it once in his life, and the effect was really good, but he just swept it away from the list of ingredients.
Now all he has to do is to see if he can recall the ingredient list from the long memory.
It’s like remembering those songs.
Just this little pill will make the Pfizer ball go crazy for gold. If it can be turned over, then …
It’s better for him to make that black pill himself than sildenafil, but it can’t be made in batches. There are many Chinese medicines in it that are too precious to be made. How much is appropriate for you to sell?
I hope God will help him remember the chemical composition of sildenafil.
Li Chu sat on the sofa and prayed secretly for two sentences, then threw away those miscellaneous thoughts
Sure enough, it is difficult to recall those songs. At least he has listened to them completely and has heard them more than once.
But he has only seen the ingredients of this medicine once, or he has probably glanced at it. After all, few people will look at its chemical composition first when taking medicine.
Take your time. This thing can’t wait.
Ding Qiunan couldn’t help asking until she went to bed late.
"dear, what do you think today? How to give a person a kind of dull feeling all day? "
"Oh, I thought about a medicine formula. I saw it a long time ago, but I can’t remember it now."
"You have such a good memory that you can remember it if you think about it slowly, but don’t worry too much."
I don’t want a headache!