Qin Shuangbo covered his mouth with a smile. "Are we going over the wall?"

Luo Tingyu said, "I have less scruples about going to the door first."
When he saw that Qin Shuangbo had no objection, he immediately jumped over the fence and hit the mountain gate. Qin Shuangbo gently moved into the temple. They walked through the slightly deserted courtyard and stepped into the Buddhist temple, but they saw a glass lamp hanging high on the roof and making it dark. ? light
There are a few incense sticks in the bronze stove in front of the Buddha’s table, and there are four or five new futons in front of the table. In the past, each of them took one and prepared to pad their knees. Suddenly Qin Shuangbo fell down on the futon without prostrating himself. It seemed that Luo Tingyu suddenly fell asleep. She smiled as if she had already known that it would be like this. He stood still and turned his head and glanced at it, but he saw some cobwebs and dirt in the corner of the temple.
After a while, Luo Tingyu tiger’s body shook slightly, and his sharp eyes suddenly dimmed. He snorted and walked to Qin Shuangbo’s side. He was about to bend down and hug her at the door. Suddenly he gave a sneer. He immediately stopped moving his eyes and looked at the sneer route. He saw three white men with shiny long knives blocking the door. All three were very young, about thirty.
Luo Tingyu knows at a glance that these three people are all good players in the team of Frost Clothes, and they should all rank "No". As expected, the one on the left said, "Zhao is not afraid that this one is not good for Li and that one is uncertain."
Luo Tingyu coldly said, "I know that you have plans. If you want to capture people with great achievements, come in and start work."
Zhao is not afraid to say, "The old benefactor once told us that Lord Luo Shaocheng, if you meet the three armies, you can outsmart the enemy."
Luo Tingyu sneer at a "so you spread everywhere their tricks is not? But these fans are not easy to make me fall! "
Zhao is not afraid. "It is said that the Lord Shaocheng is actually a sword king. I am very willing to ask if it is true or not before making a move."
Luo Tingyu mused, "Who did you listen to?"
Zhao is not afraid to say, "That’s what our village says."
Luo Tingyu said, "It’s hard to comment on this matter because I don’t even know if I can answer it at home." All right! When will your reinforcements arrive? "
Zhao is not afraid of his face changing slightly, but Li and Zhang are eager to try. This is called newborn calves are not afraid of tigers. Although they know that Luo Tingyu is very powerful, they are also very confident that they have to try their martial arts before they are willing to fight hard. If the older cream team is afraid of even showing up, they will not dare to fight hard.
Luo Tingyu added, "When Zhao is not afraid of you and wants to delay, you’d better see me fall down and tie you up, right?"
Luo Tingyu added, "Zhao is not afraid that on the one hand, you send a signal to urgently call for backup, and on the other hand, when you want to delay, you’d better see me fall down and tie you up, right?"
Zhao is not afraid to hum a "so what?"
Luo Tingyu said, "That would be a big mistake. You know, when I first crossed the wall and entered the Qishan Gate, I found that the courtyard was deserted, not like people living in it. It was more proof that I suspected it, so I held my breath as soon as I saw the incense in the furnace."
Zhao is not afraid to say, "Little Lord, this statement may not be credible, or you are not afraid of the fragrance only if you have the poison-fighting method."
He should naturally say more when he wants to delay.
Luo Tingyu said, "I’ll give you some more evidence. For example, these incense sticks have just been lit and burned a little. How can anyone answer the door and seal the dust net of this Buddhist temple for cleaning, but these futons are new and reasonable?"
Zhao unafraid said, "Sure enough, there are a lot of flaws, but if the Lord didn’t inform Qin Xian, he got fascinated and fainted, but once he started, he dragged you down?"
Luo Tingyu said, "I have naturally thought about this question. I have two thoughts. One is that her wisdom should not fall into intrigue. The other is that even if she is careless for a while, her skill will soon wake up. When you are looking for the same thing and want to delay."
Zhao is not afraid to change color. "So that’s it."
In the first place, Li and Zhang followed each other side by side, ready to make a move with knives. Zhao was not afraid of not immediately attacking, and added, "But if you want to come out early, it will be more beneficial. Why didn’t the Lord make a move?"
Luo Tingyu said, "That’s a good question, but I’ve seen archers and firearms experts in your village. There must be three or five of you. If you rush out together, you’re afraid that you accidentally hurt Miss Qin."
He doesn’t have to ask each other if this guess is right, because from their facial expressions, he has got a positive answer. In fact, Luo Tingyu doesn’t have the effect of ignoring the enemy’s fragrance in his heart. As we all know, if Qin Shuangbo’s skill is very powerful, but he can’t wake up for a while, on the one hand, she is in a coma, and on the other hand, the enemy comes to help. So he suddenly considers this method of rushing out at once.
Although it is not easy to rush out safely, there is always a considerable degree of certainty, which is better than staying here and letting the enemy catch the net. However, when Zhao, Li and Zhang suddenly dispersed, they were all forced to step by step about three feet apart, and they all pointed their swords at each other to form a sharp momentum.
Luo Tingyu dares to underestimate himself and is ready to go. Although his "bloody sword" has not been drawn, his skill is extremely strong. Therefore, although it is sheathed, there has been a wave of knife gas rushing out of the front. Zhao is not afraid to suddenly stop before touching it. He can’t help shaking-he has been awed by knife gas, and more than 40% of his martial arts have been destroyed. Then Li and Zhang were invaded by Sen’s cold knife gas. Naturally, they stopped, but they were far from suffering as Zhao was not afraid.
Luo Tingyu smiled a long way. "Zhao is not afraid to see that you seem to be the leader of the three. If you can’t take your life with one knife, you will be spared today and never hurt you."
This long laugh and words were forceful and heroic, forcing Zhao not to feel cold and his hair stood on end.
This is a big surprise, thinking that the enemy has not yet made a move, so how can he resist when he attacks with a sword? He unconsciously stepped back, which made himself confused, making it impossible for Li on the left and right flanks, and it was too late for Zhang to rescue by two-person method. However, when Luo Tingyu was drawn out of the Buddhist temple, the fine mans flashed, which meant that Zhao was not afraid to stand still, and Luo Tingyu was also in his original place.
Zhang and Li were stunned and looked at Zhao unafraid, but the sudden appearance of blood on his chest soon dyed a large piece of red. Then Zhao unafraid, with a low hum and a fall, turned out that this light Shi Huo moment Luo Tingyu had attacked a knife, but the advance and retreat was so fast that people could not see clearly that Li could not, and Zhang could not be determined. Even after seeing such a situation, people with fierce temperament could not but tremble with fear.
Because Zhao is not afraid of the three of them, it turned out to be a leader, and both martial arts and intelligence are better than them. Since even he lost his life in one stroke, Li and Zhang thought to themselves that they could not be afraid of Zhao, but they were greatly frightened, but they were very eager to escape when they retreated at the same time.
Luo Tingyu bent down and picked up Qin Shuangbo and forced him to go to the other side. The two men still kept a distance of about seven feet, so that when they left the Buddhist temple gate, he was sure to increase the speed and they rushed out at the same time.
Then the firearms outside will be cast with hard arrows. Even if these people are ruthless and disregard their own lives, they will still cast attacks, but with Li and Zhang blocking the array, he is confident that there will be a gap to escape from the encirclement.
Zhang and Li have retreated to the door, and suddenly someone sinks and drinks, "There is nothing left for me to live in."
The words were very strong and deafening, and Li Erren woke up suddenly in a nightmare and spread to the two sides, but two figures appeared in the doorway, one tall and one short.
Luo Tingyu’s eyes have recognized the bearer everywhere, and it’s Yan Wei’s personal bodyguard "Two Commanders of Yin and Yang". Suddenly, he was on the alert and quickly stepped back. Zhang Xu was ready to release Qin Shuangbo, and Xuanbijun’s beautiful face was still in a high bun. She coldly stared at Luo Tingyu and sneered, "Luo Gong, be careful not to drop your lover in your arms."
Her favorite tone is full of jealousy, but this Luo Tingyu suddenly feels warm and fragrant nephrite in her arms, especially Qin Shuangbo. She is waiting for her identity. No one in this generation can have a chance to cuddle her, but her eyes are soft and her arms are soft. A strange feeling hits my heart.
So he didn’t put her in a still powerful ape arm and hugged her right hand, holding a treasure knife in his chest. generate Lang smiled. "You two have come here so fast that you have already caught a lot of nets around here."
Xu Gang said, "It’s true that Duke Luo had better abandon his sword and give up his hand when he knows it."
Xuan Bijun hated, "Ah Gang, it’s unnecessary for you to say this to him. You can see that he will never give up his knife and give up."
Xu Gang nodded and said, "Well, it really is."
Luo Tingyu listened to what they said, and his left arm tightened unconsciously. Xuan Bijun was full of jealousy. "He and Qin Shuangbo both joined hands to burn incense in front of the Buddha in the middle of the night. It sounds really beautiful, but Ah Gang doesn’t think so?"
Xu Gang said, "Yes!"
In fact, he is not at all white. Xuanbijun’s words are deliberately careless and perfunctory. Xuanbijun’s figure is slightly swaying and he has entered the Buddhist temple. Xu Gang also stands side by side with her tightly. Luo Tingyu knows that the two generals of Yin and Yang are not only good at martial arts, but also dare not act rashly. Besides, Xuanbijun once let him go once, although he has agreed to let Yan Wei pay back once in the future, but he has received her kindness. Therefore, Xuanbijun never satirizes and laughs at him. The two sides confronted each other for a while and clapped three times outside.
Xuanbijun laughed coldly. "There are two doors in and out of this Buddhist temple, and now I have sent someone to seal it off. If you don’t believe me, you might as well have a try."
Luo Tingyu said, "This is an inevitable trend."
Xuan Bijun said, "Since Luo Gong knew it already, he didn’t rush out at an uncertain speed when my hand was deployed. Do you still have negative resistance?"
Luo Tingyu said, "Negative fighting is also inevitable. You can’t throw a knife and tie it, can you?"
Xuan Bijun said, "Of course you won’t throw a knife and tie it, but we want to know if you are waiting for reinforcements because you haven’t made your move yet."
Luo Tingyu smiled slightly. "I called for reinforcements to announce the girl. Don’t be ridiculous."
Xuan Bijun said, "So what is the reason?"
Luo Tingyu said, "If the girl must tell me, it’s good to tell me frankly, but I hope someone else on your side will arrive to take the place of the girl." Although he didn’t say that he gave birth to this idea, Xuanbijun didn’t understand that her face suddenly softened.
Xu Gang suddenly said, "Luo Gong, let’s let Miss Qin go and fight."
Luo Tingyu nodded and said, "Xu Xiong’s heroism makes people admire me and obey them."
Looking back, I approached the table and was about to put Qin Shuangbo on the ground, but suddenly I drank a treasure knife and cut it to the table like a lightning bolt. There was a sudden sound. The long table was divided into two parts and the bottom was lifted around. At this moment, there was a white man crawling behind the ground, and blood was dripping.
It turned out that this person was hiding at the bottom of the table. Luo Tingyu wanted to release Qin Shuang. There was a thought in his heart that the enemy would take advantage of the gap to plot against her. From this, he naturally noticed whether the cloth curtain hung down on the bottom of the table and there was a possibility that the enemy might hide.
It is reasonable to say that he and Qin Shuangbo visited their accomplishments before the Buddha earlier. If someone hides at the bottom, they will be able to detect that he is coming. But when he noticed the bottom of the table, he immediately told him that it seemed that someone was hiding.
Luo Tingyu decided whether there was a misjudgment or not, and he killed an enemy with a knife. He turned around and smiled at the sky. "It turns out that there is an ambush here, and my evaluation of Xu Xiong has to be re-evaluated from now on."
Xuanbijun said coldly, "if you are a wise man, I advise you to abandon your knife and surrender at once, or we will do something bad."
Luo Tingyu said, "Thank you for your repeated persuasion, but I am a stubborn person. Even if I turn to fly ash, I still insist on my own will."
Xuanbijun gritted his teeth and said, "Well, I’ll let you see our village’s Vulcan Arrow Array."
With a wave of her hand, Li can’t, Zhang can’t jump out first, and Xu and Xuan will slowly retreat. At this moment, if Luo Tingyu quickly pounces on the attack, it will come naturally. But the problem is that both of them are first-class masters, but Luo Tingyu still holds Qin Shuangbo. How can they succeed?