Once successful, he will be able to directly control every cell in the body!

The ascension brought about by this change will be quite horrible. If it is said that he can drive his physical strength by 10% now, then he can activate the power contained in his body by 120% after the completion of the Dragon Mystery.
Plus the dragon’s secret realm and physical enhancement, then his physical combat power will be sublimated to a new level
After the fiend fit, the demon-devil war body will also raise my hand further. It is idle to collapse the sky and refer to the mountains and fill the sea.
There is an ancient enlightened tea tree in Peacock Holy Mountain, which is said to have been transplanted from a foreign country in Shi Hao. It is sitting in the shade with a faint golden color, flickering with the Taoist law, shining with dreamy brilliance, and at the same time, there is a trickle of Taoist sounds …
Qin Changfeng sat in the shade of the tree with the help of the sacred disk of Yan Dao, and promoted the skill of transforming the dragon into a secret realm and practiced it directly.
At this time, the dark turmoil has temporarily calmed Shi Hao’s worries and Liu Shen’s protection of the Tao is the best. If you don’t come to practice, it will be too violent.
Qin Changfeng, the secret realm of Hualong, has a grand plan, so it is long and difficult to practice.
Is it easy to let the main nerve touch every cell?
Compared with ordinary people, his present state is unattainable and called immortal, but most of his practice is only macro-strength, and now it is suspected that it is micro-strength at the cellular level, so this is a big challenge for him.
Just like carving, only meditation, perseverance and careful preparation can succeed.
This is obviously a female strength, and males have always been inferior in this respect.
At the same time, Shi Hao led the army of Fairyland to cross the boundary sea all the way to flatten the strongholds of dark creatures.
What you’ve done is either turn over a new leaf or go up in smoke.
Until his triumphant return, all the major cities in Fairyland celebrated for nine days and ten places, and the sad atmosphere was swept away.
"Desperate Emperor!"
The monks of all ethnic groups recite his name, and this time they are more pious than sincere. If there is no wild fairy land, it will be over.
Or some people recite the ancestor sacrifice spirit of the Imperial Master. They have not forgotten the contributions of Qin Changfeng and Yagyu.
But in comparison, it’s only the most chanting of the Emperor of Heaven.
After all, this belongs to his time, and he is in chaos …
Shi Hao himself has both comfort and sadness here.
Thankfully, he won after all, and he reunited with Master and Liu Shen. Sadly, before and after this war, many of his old friends and relatives were killed or cut off by years.
Moreover, he knows that the victory of the real source has not really come, and there is still a more difficult and terrible war waiting for him.
However, it is the best result after all.
He returned to heaven and looked at two figures of Peacock, Holy Mountain, Enlightenment and Ancient Tea, smiling.
Is it lucky that there are still such two masters guarding all the way in the world?
It’s really hard to treat him badly.
"Is the Emperor of Heaven going to wake up the emperors?"
Shi Hao stood behind him with more than a dozen celestial warriors. Although they were covered in traces after a bloody battle, they were full of spirit. The disaster has been completely calm. Now, with the celestial emperor, the imperial teacher and the ancestral sacrifice spirit, the celestial kingdom will surely become an eternal immortal!
Chapter seven hundred and fifty Qin Changfeng new name Shi Haoxian emperor opportunity
"wake up?"
Shi Hao was silent for a moment and asked, "What did my master say?"
Kong Qiuji replied, "The holy father said that the two grandmothers, Yuechan and Qingyi, will continue to seal the peacock clan’s veins until … it’s up to you to decide on the first pulse."
He looks confused because he is not white. Will there be another era in this situation?
At this time, it is not only the Godsworn in Heaven, but almost everyone in the world recognizes that the epoch of Heaven will be immortal into an eternal era!
"I don’t understand. Just follow the master’s instructions … and continue to seal it." Shi Hao whispered with a vicissitudes of expression and tone.
He knew that his master was still afraid of what real peace and tranquility had not come to this world … There were still great disasters!
He never forgot that tens of thousands of years ago, Master said that he was destined to be arbitrary in this life.
He didn’t want to accept the result of such a lonely fate, but he also knew that Master never targeted … If he was left alone to bear this, all his loved ones would find a ray of eternal hope, then he would be happy.
Thought of here, Shi Hao’s thoughts can’t help drifting away. A long time ago, he was a little guy who loved animal milk. Although weak, he was very happy. Now he is expensive, but he misses the past more and more …
"My master is a little urchin who eats meat and drinks milk. It’s not my intention to worry about being arrogant on the Avenue of Nature …"
A faint sadness lingers in my heart, and the Emperor can’t help but sigh with emotion. Although it’s not big, it still thunders like thunder since it comes from the mouth of the Emperor.
Heaven and earth are a piece of words
Many people think that the realm of Heaven Emperor has reached a level that they can’t see, otherwise … What makes them feel bad?
But who dares to beat the Emperor of Heaven? !
The problem must not be that they are born in heaven, but that they really don’t understand it.
Well, it must be so
Everyone is relieved. After all, the Emperor of Heaven does not blaspheme, even if he thinks about it in his heart.
"Little Mo Lingzun!"
Then Shi Haoyi mused. At this moment, Xiao Mo appeared in heaven with his left hand holding his chest and holding the prayer beads of King Kong Pu, and hurriedly saluted.
Xiao Mo gently nodded to Shi Hao and said, "You don’t have much time for 500 years, or your master will be in trouble."
The woman who knows all the nasty thoughts in Qin Changfeng’s heart naturally knows how long Qin Changfeng can stay in this world this time. If Shi Hao can’t really step into the immortal emperor’s territory Qin Changfeng for hundreds of years, it will be difficult to punish the failure this time. Even Qin Changfeng can resist easily.
Besides, the heavenly king’s war, that is, he must not affect his combat power for this reason.
"Five hundred years to become an immortal emperor?"
When Shi Hao heard this, his eyes flashed. "Does Master have any advice?"
Although he is now the peak of the quasi-immortal emperor, everyone thinks that it is impossible to further become an immortal emperor in hundreds of years, because this step is more difficult than all the practices from a mortal to a quasi-immortal emperor!