It is extremely difficult for Zhou Yi to host such a large array, and it is very difficult to lay the foundation for the long-term leader of the heart, and it is not really laid.

Is to make the law open.
It’s not impossible to give up some array changes, but it will be rejected. When the large array is formed, it depends on everyone’s position.
A few months later
Stuart’s family came with two Godsworn Doggie and more than a hundred accompanying staff.
Dying heart source Taoist priest was also pushed out.
"Shout …"
Zhou Yi’s law reproduced the process in the middle of his mind and then waved his hand.
"Get up!"
"Hum …"
A flash of light rushed straight into the sky from the peak of the sun, and the core of the moon island surged in all directions.
Thousands of miles of water seem to be stagnant for a moment.
Complex changes have occurred quietly.
The third-order strange gate array is officially opened!
Watching platform
Heart source long quivering propping up the body, two younger generations to help overlook a moment of tears eyes unspeakable.
Chapter 11 again
The funeral of Taoist Xinyuan was very grand. Not only did the people from Yuedao attend, but even an elder from Stuart’s family came all the way.
The tomb stands halfway up the mountain in Rifeng, where the strange gate array can be seen.
The Taoist lay surnamed Wang, and the two young players around him were called Wang Gu and Wang Tian, both of whom were monks in the later stage of refining gas.
Perhaps they are worried about indulging in array law and delaying their practice. They have not inherited array law.
In order to thank the director of Xinyuan, the elder of Stuart’s family has specially prepared a Zhuji Dan for them over the years.
Their age and talent have a great chance to prove Daoji.
Zhou Daoyou
After the funeral, Situxuan came with a man.
"This is a family. Although Situnan has been a child, be adept at Law can’t compare with Xinyuan Taoist and Zhou Xiong, but it’s not bad."
"After that, she will replace the Taoist priest to help lay out the array."
Zhou Yi looks at people all the time.
Compared with the gorgeous eyes, Situ Xuan and Situ Nan are relatively plain in appearance, and there is still a turbidity in their eyes.
"Zhou Daoyou" SiTuNan hand stuffy way
"I hope you will give me more advice later."
"Dare not" Zhou Yi hurriedly waved his hand.
"To tell you the truth, Zhou has some understanding of the principle of array method, but he is not a strong point. He has been troubled by the progress."
"I’m relieved that Miss Nan can come."
Situnan raises eyebrows
She doesn’t like Zhou Yi very much, not only because she is eccentric, but also because experts explain that Zhou Yi is a frame.
Qimen array can be in the hands of the family!
The reason why Taoist Xinyuan can get a letter from home is that the Wangs have long been attached to Stuart’s family after getting along with each other for nearly two hundred years.
Can’t leave
How long did it take for Zhou Yi to join? Naturally, it is impossible to get the letter.
For their’ opponents’ SiTuNan also wary.
But I didn’t expect the other party to take the initiative to show weakness, which made her feel relieved.
I also have a slight affection for Zhou Yi.
See two people have a tacit understanding with each other SiTuXuan can’t help patting his hands face lit up at the same time mouth way
"Nanmei, don’t underestimate Zhou Xiong. Zhou Xiong’s understanding of law is extremely good. Even the Taoist priests of Lianxinyuan are ashamed."
Situnan eyebrows complexion also with a positive.
Although the Taoist priest Xinyuan died, he already had the name of the third-order array mage before his death, which can make him admire people.
When I seriously looked at Monday again,