But everyone in the government heard it. Isn’t this young man? Master Xiao also didn’t know what to do at the moment

Shura Shenjun smiled and said to Master Xiao, "I want to know what’s going on, old man, and you must have understood that it’s not me who made Miss Hu become this kind of land."
Xiaoxi was also proud at this time. He shouted, "It is also illegal to frame good people at random!"
Master Xiao sat down in a plush chair and quickly ordered his family to carry Xiao Yanyan back to the backyard room for a doctor to make a diagnosis and treat. He himself sat there holding his head and crying as if he were aging for more than ten years.
Poor parents’ heart, Shura Shenjun feels uncomfortable in his heart. Seeing this flower-like girl being tortured like this, he can’t help but be angry and curious. Who or what demon has harmed Miss Xiao to this extent? Ling Mo said softly, "Now that I have come to your place and encountered this matter, I can’t stand by and watch. According to my observation, Miss is probably haunted by monsters, which leads to the fact that she has learned some demon-catching fur from her master since childhood. I want to try whether Miss Xiao can report this humiliation."
Master Xiao turns to sorrow and joy. It would be great if you could catch the monster. Anyway, you should give your baby daughter an explanation. Besides, in just a few days, not only her daughter has been victimized, but several girls have also been humiliated.
"Dare to ask what’s your name? What a offense just now. What can we do to help you? " Master Xiao hurriedly asked
Fix the emperor smiled. "My name is Ling. How can you help me? Well, the old man tries to spread it out. A distant relative is a stunning beauty, so the more people know, the better. "
Master Xiao nodded. "Thank you, Ling Gong. I will tell my family to do as you say."
So soon a stunning beauty came to Xiao Yuan’s home, and the news soon spread all over North County.
Lingmo Pupil, Xiaoxi, Qinxin, Zili and Fanxuan were sitting around in the Xiao Fu wing.
Van Gogh Xuan was obviously very angry with this demon catching plan. He said coldly, "When did you become interested in catching monsters? Are we exorcists? I’m too busy to do my own thing! I ran here to help people catch goblins. Hey, you’re not really attracted to that Miss Xiao, are you? "
Ling mo pupil ignored him and gently sipped a cup of green tea thoughtfully.
Xiaoxi was very excited. He raised his little face and said, "I think the same as Brother Mo Pupil. The young lady still has a very strong need. It should be a place for goblins with strong spiritual power. I’ve always wondered who else in the three realms has the same silver length as us." And I’m going to pull him out of the field one by one after doing this shady business. "
Ling Mo Pupil still sat there firmly. His beautiful and handsome face had an expression that was difficult to describe. Gherardini was like joy. "The name Mo Yan is so familiar. It seems that I have heard it before, but I can’t remember it …"
Xiaoxi curled his mouth. "I haven’t heard of it, but Brother Mo, how can we catch this monster?"
Ling Mo smiled. "Trapping, of course!"
"Trap? Who will be the bait? " Vatican porch surprised to call him consciously grasp his beloved purple from hand.
Ling Mo glanced at his nervous appearance and couldn’t help but feel a little funny. How could he let his seven-night sister take the risk? He simply said, "This monster is interested in beautiful women, of course, beautiful women are the bait."
Qin Xin gently approached him. "Then I’ll be the bait." Ling Mo Pupil is willing to do things, but it doesn’t matter how big the risk is.
Shura Shenjun smiled and patted Qin Xinyu’s hand gently. "I won’t let you take the risk. If I didn’t guess wrong, Miss Xiao said that Mo Yan was probably the fox who was sealed by the goddess Jing Xuan three thousand years ago. The fox has a very evil power. Mo Yan"
Fox Mo Yan? The shuras remembered that they had heard this name from their predecessors in the underworld. It was an evil name that once made the Three Realms despised and feared, but the name was still very strange to them.
Small west tightened his shoulder "ink pupil elder brother you don’t want me to become a beautiful girl as bait? I-I-I’m still young! And I’m not interested in men! "He’s nervous at the finger.
Shura Shenjun said coldly, "Yes, you will soon become a beautiful girl for me to see." His words revealed inviolable majesty.
Xiaoxi pursed her mouth and twisted her body reluctantly. "I, I don’t want to become a woman, I might as well kill me."
Shura could not hold back. He laughed. He got up and patted Xiaoxi on the shoulder. Lang said, "Don’t worry, I won’t let you be the bait. Even if you are the bait, your spiritual strength is too strong. I am worried that the monster will sniff out all of you. One of the suitable candidates is me."
"You?" Everyone stared at each other and stared at each other.
It’s as strange as the sun rising in the west if the shura deity wants magic to change into a beautiful person.
Everyone was surprised that there was a little voice in my heart saying, "Change quickly, let me see what it’s like to turn Shura into a beautiful girl?"
Ling Mo Tong read from everyone’s eager eyes that everyone was looking forward to it for a while and couldn’t help feeling a little annoyed. "Everyone seems to be looking forward to my becoming a woman."
Van Gogh Xuan hurriedly gave a hand, "Brother Mo Pupil, I just thought about the fact that you are indeed the most suitable candidate. You have half of your spiritual strength and half of your spiritual strength is easy to hide; Second, you are thoughtful, scheming and calm enough to deal with the monster. "
Ling Mo snorted coldly. When did your Fanxuan mouth become so sweet?
Qin Xin is still worried. "But will it work? I am really responsible for you.
Shura emperor shook his head. "It’s okay. I’ll improvise and you’ll be like this …"
After the plan was agreed, Shura took a deep breath and hummed that 50% strength was enough for him. His dark green eyes gave off extraordinary light, and his head turned silver and his shoulders became slender and tall, and his figure gradually became slim.
Over the years, I have grown a pair of beauty that makes women envy. I want to make a slight change. I want to show my daughter’s soft and romantic charm. In a moment, a beautiful woman in absolute beauty has appeared in front of everyone.
Seeing "her" eyebrows in the distant mountains, her eyes are like eyes, her skin is as bright as moonlight, her head is as black as a waterfall, her hips are too long, her white clothes are covered with ice and snow, and her skin is so beautiful.

This behavior is not as good as yourself, and you are also the Lord! It’s … God is unfair!

It’s a pity that the third young master married such a woman with a promising future!
After waiting for a full quarter of an hour, I went to report that the coloured glaze had not come out yet.
Even Fang Zhou’s sneer at this Ma Wei is too obvious, isn’t it? And it’s annoying to come and go with such little tricks!
She rushed to the girl who had just talked to her and laughed. "What’s taking you so long, big sister? Haven’t you come yet? Won’t the toilet fall into the toilet? "
The maids didn’t expect her to come so suddenly, and several of them couldn’t help laughing.
Have that get along with coloured glaze some uneven unbearable way "three little lady how can you say that coloured glaze elder sister! When did Sister Liuli collide with Mrs. Sanshao? If Mrs. San Shao said that she had her own housekeeper and punished her according to the rules! Mrs. Sanshao said that the handmaiden was unfair to Sister Liuli! "
"I am kind enough to say that you are unfair!" Even Fang Zhou is very koo said, "Isn’t this the same wavelength in the hospital? Take a message. What took you so long? What if everyone is like her! I can’t imagine why she has been gone for so long without a message unless she can’t hold back the toilet! Is it cheating, playing tricks and hiding from laziness? Oh, that’s not good! I have to talk to my aunt when I meet her! It is not worthwhile to raise a light to eat and not to live! "
The servant girls looked at each other one leng.
Even Fang Zhou’s words are indecent, but they are refuted by human law.
Everyone knows that this is the second lady’s intention to give Mrs. San Shao Ma Wei to everyone. There is no other way for Mrs. San Shao to wait here honestly, but she has sent such a truth!
The girl who helped the coloured glaze talk turned red with anger and secretly lost her heart.
The second lady wants to meet people most, and because of the third young master’s face, she will never let people think that she is making things difficult for the third young lady!
If Mrs. San Shao really said these words in front of Mrs. Er, Mrs. Er will definitely punish Mrs. Liu! No injustice!
The girl hurriedly smile apologetically "this handmaiden also don’t know what happened! Handmaiden, go and see Mrs. Sanshao. Wait a minute! " Said hurriedly turned and ran.
The maids couldn’t help but be honest, and they made a lot of convergence. They honestly didn’t dare to look at even Fangzhou as casually as before.
Jean girl’s palm can’t help but tighten tightly and bite her lips gently.
For a long time, she has been patient, patient and patient, and has tried her best to deal with the world carefully. She is often so angry that her liver hurts and she tears in her back.
She didn’t expect even Fang Zhou’s messy faction to give a hard blow to these ladies’ courtyard maids as soon as they opened their mouths.
In the final analysis, it’s because she’s the wife of her brother, and it’s justified to occupy the status of Mrs. Sanshao. How dare these maids even if they don’t like or despise her again?
When will Brother Fu remember to give himself an identity …
Thought of here, she couldn’t help but feel a pang of sadness and wet eyes.
This time, I didn’t wait long for Liuli and the former girl to come in a hurry.
Coloured glaze quickly before a few steps to even Fang Zhou knees upon smile apologetically "handmaiden just belly a little uncomfortable went to the toilet harm three little lady waiting handmaiden damn it! Please forgive me, Mrs. San Shao! "
What can I say except that?
Said the second lady told her not to go? Is it not openly said that the second lady intends to hang Lian Fangzhou!
Say no, mother and sister, ask her for a hand? Isn’t it a sign that she is not as important as a person in her eyes to leave her hanging here waiting?
Said he forgot for a moment? It’s ridiculous!
You will still be punished!
In order to avoid punishment, she can say that she went to the toilet with a stomachache.
After all, people have three emergencies, which is understandable.
Sure enough, even Fangzhou suddenly realized and laughed. "I told you, it must be like this! It feels really bad to eat a bad belly! It’s okay. If you don’t feel comfortable, don’t force it! I don’t care about waiting one more time. Chapter 644 Complain at the wrong place.
Coloured glaze reluctantly smiled and his face was very ugly. "The second lady asked Mrs. Sanshao to go in. The second lady also said that it was good not to go when Miss Qin came back."
Miss Qin couldn’t wait to nod and laugh. "In that case, I’ll go back first!"
Even fangzhou said don’t turn around and leave.
This compartment even Fang Zhou’s master and servant followed the coloured glaze in.
In the main hall, the second wife, Kim, sits in a soft facial features, her eyebrows are sparse and her lips are slightly sipped, and she is somewhat leisurely and harmonious. She is dressed in a dark satin pattern, and her collar, cuffs and hem are rolled for two inches to pick out the wishful ganoderma lucidum flowers and plants, which makes her whole person dignified and expensive.
Sitting next to her is a beautiful little girl of fourteen or fifteen years old, wearing pink embroidered clothes with precious stones, gold wreaths with pendants and beaded tassels, and looking around, the tassels are shining lightly, which makes her more clever.
This is the second lady’s favorite daughter Li Wanrou.
In addition to serving the maids, there are two young waitresses dressed in gorgeous clothes and wearing a lady’s bun standing behind the second lady. It should be her two daughters-in-law, the eldest daughter-in-law Zou Shi and the second daughter-in-law Qi Shi.
Even Fang Zhou came in as usual, and everyone’s eyes fell on her without looking at her.
She has already made people feel lost.
Even Fang Zhou saluted the second lady and laughed. "Is this the same aunt? The second aunt looks really young! "
Spring apricot, peach also follow salute.
See even fangzhou salute crooked, barely qualified Zou, ceausescu could not help secretly pie mouth qi qi gives birth to a sense of pride.
Their husbands are not as many as Li Fu, but they are much taller and more educated than Lian Fangzhou. Isn’t that something to be proud of?
Li Wan’s softness can’t be seen by them. Even Fang Zhou’s eyes are undisguised and full of ridicule and disdain. She also "scoffed" and laughed.
Even Fang Zhou turned a deaf ear and smiled at the second lady.
The second lady smiled and said, "Are you the wife of Sixing? It’s really wonderful. No wonder thinking about you all the time! Don’t see me when you get to the second aunt. Sit down quickly! Let’s have a good talk! "
"hey!" Even fangzhou promised honestly, and then walked over and sat down.
Look at their eyes
Anyway, in their eyes, she saw two words from beginning to end: picky!
In that case, just let them choose one!
The second lady saw that she was sitting for granted. Although it was her own words, it was impossible not to let her sit, but she didn’t sit trembling and didn’t sit tight. She still felt a little depressed.
How can she be so relaxed and carefree?
This is the first time she has met her husband’s family elders and people from such a small place. Shouldn’t she look at her face carefully step by step?
When I think of Mammy Zhou’s reply just now, the second lady is even more depressed, and even Fangzhou is not pleasing to the eye.
"The road is smooth! Have you encountered any trouble? " Second lady half ring perfunctory asked with a smile
Even Fang Zhou didn’t speak, but he heard Li Wan’s soft smile "before". He picked out the arch eyebrows carefully and smiled briskly. "Mom, you asked this question, not knowing past ask! If this road had gone smoothly, Sister-in-law would have arrived in Beijing! I heard that Aqin was ill, so Sister-in-law took care of her all the way! She is so big! To put it bluntly, it is a handmaiden who dares to let Sansao take care of this decency! Third sister-in-law is really good! But how did the third brother allow such a thing! I’m unfair for Sansao! "
Chun Xing and Bi Tao couldn’t help but show some anger in their eyes and agreed with this Miss Li’s words.
Although even Fang Zhou’s heart is white and Li Wan’s softness is provoking, I have to say that after listening to these words, think again about Miss Qin’s attitude towards herself, which is really somewhat unpleasant.

Now, laughter is everywhere in Tongbo. After all, this siege is literally the fiercest siege in this month. The toughness of the Xuanjia master is deeply impressed in the hearts of the people of Tongbo. Every warrior who took off his armor has gathered a lot of ordinary people around the daughters of those generous fishermen and almost robbed people.

In contrast, Takeda Hararo was actually partly responsible for the defeat of the Japanese camp. After all, he underestimated the fighting capacity of the Xuanjia master. Although he had heard the soldiers who fled back say that they were the "Tianbao Army", Takeda Hararo recognized that this was an excuse and didn’t take it to heart. I didn’t expect to pay the price for his mistake today. Takeda Hararo knew very well that if he didn’t have reinforcements who had just arrived, Tongbo people would definitely hunt them down and come out. Then the loss would not be so much.
It pains me to think that my brother’s body is still left in the city wall. Master’s body is still parked in the barracks behind, but my brother may not have a chance to return to his hometown.
"Takeda heard that you received a blow today? It’s not like you. It’s just a summer city. How can you be called’ Asura’? " Accompanied by a burst of laughter, a Japanese man picked out a big curtain and leaned in. Judging from his dress, he is also a commander no less than Takeda Hararo. After all, not everyone in some barren countries has good armor and excellent Japanese knives.
"You’re here? Thanks to you this time, if it weren’t for your ten thousand troops, I’m afraid my loss will be more than that this time. "Although the words of the opposite person are full of banter, Takeda Hararo doesn’t care at all, so the two of them are not extraordinary
"I didn’t expect you to lose so much this time, even Mr. Watanabe is here. The emperor has been loyal to me, and I’m going to worship his old man’s house to learn a knife flow." The Japanese people across the street said regretfully
"Come on, Weaving tian teacher said that you are like a monkey who has not grown up. We have the heaviest mentality. You can’t learn anything like this." Takeda Hararo smiled and then his voice was low. "Not only the teacher just fought this battle, but my brother Song Xinxiong was also killed by an unknown summer man!"
"Those black summer people exactly is what position? I have just seen the war situation. Your team has attacked Chengtou several times, and these black armor people gave it to the summer wall. When did you train such an army in summer? " The man known as Zhitian is also serious. He knows that Tongbo City is not so easy to get.
"Although it is supplemented by your army now, it is still very difficult to directly conquer this Tongbo City and turn it into our offensive frontier base. I hope teachers and brothers will bless me in heaven."
"Ha ha, teacher Watanabe will definitely smash your ass with a bamboo knife when she sees you like this." Oda laughed. "I’m here to help. It’s definitely not a problem to rely on your strength. Now it’s just time to save me a trip in vain." Oda said a few words to her hands.
"Weaving Tian Zhen Village, do you really have a way to break this iron drum-like city?" Takeda Hararo’s eyes shone again.
"Those military men, like Tongbo City, don’t just rely on having a hard tortoise shell. Speaking of it, people in the summer really know like a tortoise that it’s not a good thing to keep them away from the tortoise shell being destroyed by us?" Oda Shinmura is still that cynical.
"Do you have any way to let them leave Tongbo City and fight with us in the wild?" Takeda Hararo is very interested.
Just as they were talking, two Japanese men dragged a soldier from the East Coast covered in blood into the camp.
Seeing the blood, the Xia people know the character of weaving Tian Zhen Village. Takeda Hararo frowned. This seemingly human and animal harm weaves Tian Zhen Village, which is the most cruel than the most like to kill others. It is obvious that the Xia people’s limbs are interrupted at a glance and it is cruel. The sledgehammer smashed this Xia people a little bit, but it seems that it is not an ordinary soldier.
"What are you doing here with a summer soldier? Don’t say that’s why you came all the way here. "Takeda Hararo hid from the soldier and spit out one mouthful blood sputum.
"You don’t know this. This is not an ordinary soldier. I heard that it is called’ Flying Lei Jun’. It is the personal guard of the owner of the Hokuriku. Don’t say that he is really strong. I even had the strength to scold me for his limbs. I saved him a lot of fun before he died, didn’t you think so?" Speaking and weaving Tian Zhen Village stepped on the soldier’s severed limb and crushed it. It was a moment of severe pain that made the soldier faint.
"If you let me watch your abnormal hobby, forget it. It won’t help the battlefield. Are you going to make the people of Tongbo surrender by torturing this soldier?" Takeda Hararo turned his back and didn’t want to see this scene again.
"Somebody bring me water to wake him up and apply some medicine to his wound. Don’t let him die." Woda Zhencun doesn’t mind Takeda’s expression. Anyway, I won’t mind knowing him since I was a child
"I said Takeda, why are you in a hurry? I didn’t come to the summer. How do you say that sentence is right or not to entertain you? Do you know what this’ flying Lei Jun’ will appear in my hand? You certainly can’t believe that they are surrounded by Liu Wang Zhu Jie in a remote town. This is to ask for help and blame his bad life for hiding in a fishing boat. You know that my fleet is just looking for the sea. He fell into my hand, but this man is also burdened. Seeing my foot soldiers playing with the fishing boat owner’s daughter, I can’t help it. It’s really no military conduct
"Dog … grandpa dog day … will live sooner or later … and tear you alive!" The soldier who just woke up couldn’t help but glower and say these words intermittently when he heard the words of Oda Shinmura. He thought that he had brought trouble to the father and daughter, and he felt very regretful at that time. At that time, the father knew that he was carrying a heavy burden and told himself not to come out, but it was hard for him to hold back when he heard that several Japanese people had done things worse than animals to that woman. Lei Jun elite killed all these Japanese people, but he was captured by the Japanese army who came later.
"Oh, there’s spirit. Your physical fitness is so good that I can’t bear to kill you. After all, you have never brought me happiness!" Weaving Tian Zhen village looked at the soldiers and said.
"Woven field stop that now. What are you going to do? !” Takeda original lang some couldn’t help it.
"It’s very simple. Isn’t he going to deliver letters? I’ll just let him deliver letters." Weaving Tian Zhen Village laughed cruelly.
heroic man
"What do you mean? Let him go to town to deliver letters. Then why did you catch him? " Takeda Hararo doesn’t understand his friend’s practice, but he knows the significance of his practice after a little thinking by battlefield veterans. Lu Wang Zhu Jie is not an ordinary person. He is the core of the whole Donglu and wants him to be besieged. So, is there any helplessness in Tongbo, an important town in Donglu? No matter how anxious they are to fight with themselves, it is estimated that there are few places left in Donglu. Moreover, through several battles, Takeda Hararo has also got a message that there are reinforcements in Tongbo, and there are Donglu Wang Shi Zhu Ceguo’s father who is in danger.
"Brother is really my lucky star. Since you are so generous, you should choose all the advantages after the city is broken, especially the women there. I know how you are, so I won’t rob you of this bite." Takeda Hararo laughed and was able to drive Tongbo city dwellers into a dilemma. Don’t be so happy.
"Despicable Japanese, you don’t die a natural death!" Lei Jun prisoners naturally heard their vicious plans, but just like Takeda Hara thought, even knowing their vicious plans would not help Liu Wangdian’s situation. Even knowing that they are up to no good, the news must be sent to Tongbo City, so that the soldiers themselves don’t know whether they should tell the world this matter or not.
"Ha ha, or do you understand me? That’s settled. I’ll find some people to take him to Tongbo to see if those Xia people can stay in the wall so stably when they see their report trapped." Oda Shinmura’s smile is full of cruel taste.
"Dog thief! You have harmed the people in our land, and sooner or later you will be rewarded. King Lu and the world will surely wipe you out! " Fei Leijun’s wounded soldier vomited a bloody mouthful at Weaving Tian Zhen Village, and stared at him mercilessly as if he wanted to bite a piece of meat to relieve his hatred.
Weaving Tian Zhen Village has just been busy laughing. This mouthful of blood sputum didn’t hide in the past. Seeing the red mark on the hem of his trousers, he was a little neat. He flew into a rage. This half-dead thing unexpectedly dared to provoke himself. Suddenly, a sneer floated around his mouth.
"Asura, what do you say is enough to send letters?" Weaving Tian Zhen village asked with a smile.
"Of course, relying on your tongue is enough. I wonder if you are rusty?" Takeda Hararo naturally knows what he wants to do, not only without stopping, but also with great interest.
Flying Leijun prisoners naturally saw their expressions, although they knew that it was definitely not a good thing, but the most elite soldiers in the East must not reveal a trace of fear.
Suddenly, the soldiers who flew Lei Jun felt a flash of light in front of them, and then they were black at the moment, and the pain that followed almost made them faint on the spot.
Weaving Tian Zhen Village was so heartless that the knife stabbed him blind. Seeing Lei Jun’s face bleeding, he didn’t say a word, which made him ready to listen to the screams. So Weaving Tianzhen Village became angry from embarrassment and kicked his feet hard at the soldiers’ limbs, which was never allowed to happen in Weaving Tian Zhen Village, especially in front of his good friend, Takeda Hararo.
"Well, well, he died when he called, so we wouldn’t have a chance to believe it. Let’s hurry to send him to Tongbo City while he has breath." Takeda Hararo stopped his rage and weaved Tian Zhen Village.
Oda Shinmura seems to have thought of something. He leaned over to stop the soldier’s bleeding eyes, then leaned over and whispered in his ear, "This is the best medicine in our country. Don’t die. Wait for us to break through Tongbo City. You are listening to your summer screams with your own eyes. I think you will regret that I didn’t stab your ears."
When everything was arranged, two Japanese people carried Lei Jun, who had been seriously injured, to the outside of Tongbo City. It was almost within the range of bow and arrow attack. They both put a stretcher and ran away. There was no other reason. Xuelian, a silver-faced death, was scared to death. No one wanted to joke in his right eye.

"Although my martial arts skills are not as good as yours, my escape collar is definitely the best in the world!" Huang Rong shouted that Hawthorne was getting farther and farther away as he ran, and Hawthorne didn’t want to take back his finger and give up the pursuit of Huang Rong because a little girl consumed too much skill.

"I really didn’t lie to you. I just pointed to a person!" Huang Rong virtual shadow disappeared before the end of the day and said the last sentence.
Hawthorne looked in that direction again and saw a man walking in the streets of Lin ‘an City!
This man was none other than his deputy, the deputy leader Ima Hashshashin! to be continued
Chapter 591 Hawthorne worries
Hawthorne Huang Rong, the leader of the cult of supernatural powers, was awe-inspiring and fearless. In a few words, he gave up the idea of destroying Lin’ an City and saved the lives of Zhao Xuan and more than 20 civil and military ministers in princess royal.
Later generations have the word "Narcissus" to praise Huang Rong’s "ice, snow, willow shadows, jagged canoe, graceful posture, exquisite heart, lightness, lightness, wind and frost, peeling off the blue face, white head and dead heart, and knowing each other, and being lonely, giving my life to Hawthorne to protect the city to suspend poetry"
Hawthorne didn’t catch up with Huang Rong’s energy field, but he saw Ima Hashshashin, the deputy leader of teaching, appear in Lin ‘an City. Hawthorne immediately jumped from the dark clouds and landed in front of Ima Hashshashin!
"have you finis what I told you?" Hawthorne asked Imam Hashshashin.
"That more than 500 masters who protected the little emperor of the Song Dynasty have been killed by me to the last 14, but at the end of the day, Ling Feiyang suddenly appeared …" Imam Hashshashin said.
"Ling float in the sky? Did you lose to him? " Hawthorne asked at once and looked at Ima Hashshashin incredulously.
"Although I can’t say that I lost to him, I can’t win at least …" Imam Hashshashin said with a deep sigh.
"Ling Feiyang’s martial arts has indeed risen to such a level. It seems that what the little girl said just now is not a lie …" Hawthorne thought to himself.
"The little emperor is expected to find a southern city to build a new capital of Song Kingdom there." Imam Hashshashin said, "Imam Hashshashin failed to kill the little emperor because of his poor academic skills, but if there is a leader, the little emperor must have died …"
"Kill an emperor and what …" Hawthorne sighed and suddenly raised his head slowly.
"Our biggest enemy now is neither an emperor nor a princess, nor the hundreds of thousands of troops of Song State, but Ling Feiyang!" Hawthorne said with a tight frown
Although we haven’t been able to find out where Ling Feiyang is going for the time being, Hawthorne, the religious leader, is still targeting Ling Feiyang himself!
Hawthorne and Imam Hashshashin continued to pursue south, but Ling Feiyang had long expected that Hawthorne’s idea was not to continue to Quanzhou, Jianning Prefecture, but to temporarily hide in the deep mountains near Zhuji. Although Hawthorne and Imam Hashshashin worked miracles, it was different from looking for Ling Feiyang in this vast mountain.
Hawthorne and Imam Hashshashin couldn’t find anything, but they received an urgent letter from nan river, saying that Genghis Khan, the great Khan of Mongolia, was terminally ill and ordered the principal and deputy leaders to come back as soon as possible.
A generation of lean Genghis Khan once slaughtered more than 100 million people in the world and occupied hundreds of millions of hectares of land in Europe and Asia, but even so, he still couldn’t escape the pain and death.
Hawthorne and Imam Hashshashin had to temporarily give up the plan to kill Ling Feiyang and return to Mongolia. Ling Feiyang and others did not continue to send the little emperor to Quanzhou, but came to a small mountain village near Wuyishan.
This small mountain village is far away from the town, and its roots will not attract attention. Ling Feiyang will dress up Song Ping Zong Zhaoquan as a child of the common people, send him to a warm and simple hunter, and leave Lu Chengfeng, Wu Gangfeng, Feng Mofeng, Zhu Liu, Wu Santong and Dian Cang Yu Yin in this mountain village to secretly protect Zhao Quan as a local citizen.
Considering that Hawthorne will make a comeback at any time, Ling Feiyang’s arrangement is undoubtedly the safest way. Although the imperial court of the Song Dynasty can’t function normally for the time being, Ling Feiyang deeply believes that marshals and generals scattered all over the country will be able to shoulder the responsibility of continuing to defend the country, and the Mongolian army will fight to the end as always.
Ling Feiyang and others immediately came to the palace to see princess royal Zhao Xuan after returning to Lin ‘an City, and also met Guo Jing, Huang Rong, Mu Nianci and Bing Xin.
At the same time, Ling Feiyang received a letter from Lu Youjiao, a nine-bag elder of the Beggars’ Sect, saying that Genghis Khan’s grandson Ba Dou led 300,000 Mongolian troops to counterattack Xu Jin, and more than a dozen city armies were about to arrive in Zhongdu, the capital of Xu Jin!
Genghis Khan is seriously ill, but he still wants to realize his long-cherished wish of unifying the whole day. This 300,000 Mongolian fighters have almost won the military power of the Mongolian Ministry. Genghis Khan seems to have put all his eggs in one basket to prepare the Song team for a desperate fight!
Nowadays, the military forces of the Song and Jin Dynasties have reached 600,000, which greatly exceeds the number of Mongolian troops. However, in the past three months, the Song * * team has been divided into multiple ways and scattered throughout the country.
Song * * team is to reduce the great damage caused by Hawthorne’s "ghost extinction". However, in this way, Ba Dou, who is proficient in the art of war and can be good at fighting, captured the fighter plane. Ba Dou led 300,000 troops to March into the Song and Jin Dynasties to divide and conquer the scattered forces, and it didn’t take much effort to recapture most of Xu Jin’s territory.
Ling Feiyang decided to immediately rush to Zhongdoucheng to reinforce Jin Aizong’s guarding city troops, such as Zhou Botong, Ying Gu, Guo Jing, and other experts, who accompanied him to Zhongdoucheng, including Ling Feiyang’s younger sister.
Two days later, Mongolian general Subei has led thirty thousand vanguard troops to the capital city.
"attack!" Subei ordered more than a dozen catapults to aim at the cannon head of Zhongdu city wall and immediately smashed stones; Dozens of boreholes sailed to the wall boreholes at the same time, and hundreds of archers fired arrows at random!
"The offensive of the Mongolian army is far more fierce than that of the former Shu Chi army. If you want to avoid the collapse of the city wall, you must first destroy their heavy weapons!" Xu Jin Guo general Ge Shilie said, "Then he led 3,000 Xu Jin Guo elite cavalry to kill the west gate of the central capital!
Ge Shilie and his cavalry waved maces and smashed several boreholes one after another. However, ten thousand Mongolian cavalry attacked from two wings and cut off the retreat of these Xu Jin Guo cavalry!
The 3,000 Xu Jin Guo cavalry were outnumbered, and one by one, they fell to their horses, and the army was about to collapse. At this moment, a red-haired BMW rushed out from the battlefield!
Just running into the battlefield, the man jumped from the horse and flew to a height of more than ten feet. His body conjured up nine shadows and pounced on the Mongolian army together!
Ling Feiyang! to be continued
Chapter 592 Thirty thousand soldiers retired alone
Ling Feiyang rode the little red horse and took the lead in arriving outside Zhongdu City, using the ninth "spiral nine shadows" as a tornado rushed into the Mongolian army camp!
Ling Feiyang’s figure turned into nine figures, and he was on the rampage in the Mongolian army. In a moment, hundreds of Mongolian cavalry people went belly up and fell to the ground!
"Ling Feiyang Ling Feiyang!" Xu Jin Guo general GeShiLie rescue turned out to be excited to shout!

"Go ahead, what is it?" Without reading the secret letter, Ye Guchen asked him directly. He knew that Aaron must have read it first, otherwise he wouldn’t bother himself.

"Your honor, according to our information, Long Jun, a big fellow in Daqin Black Armor Camp, has sent experts to Jiangnan. Now he has arrived in Liuzhou and is stationed in Liuzhou Feng family. Moreover," Aaron said that he hesitated for a while and didn’t know what to say.
"And what!" Ye Guchen has frowned when he heard this story with the Feng family in Liuzhou. He and the Feng family don’t know many things, but Ye Guchen is still fresh in his memory. He has long wanted to find the Feng family in trouble. It’s just that he didn’t have time. When he heard that the Feng family was involved with the Da Qin Black Armored Battalion master Long Jun, he had already killed his heart. Seeing Aaron’s mother-in-law appearance was even more dissatisfied.
"And it seems that the south king of the town is also involved. According to our investigation, this time their goal is to hide the Sword God. It is also estimated that they also want to write a novel about the strength of our Royal Guards South Camp. You know that the south king of the town has some dissatisfaction with the court and has a great idea of self-reliance for us. It is not a day or two for the Royal Guards to want to eradicate us. It is important to recognize the Sword God’s secret hiding, but it is not worth the blood of the big fellow. Long Jun Daqin Black Armored Camp and the tripartite forces of the south king of the town may jointly recognize them this time. We are their main target to deal with us. They want to take the opportunity to eradicate the strength of the Royal Guards in the south. This time, because we robbed the treasure map, you personally killed more than a dozen innate masters and offended the major forces in the Jianghu. If they join forces at this time, I am afraid that our 3,000 Royal Guards are not enough. Adults have to guard against it! " Aaron said in a low voice that what he is good at is intelligence detection and analysis. His words deserve Ye Guchen’s consideration.
Hearing this, Ye Guchen frowned and slowly sat down to look at Aaron banging on the mahogany table in front of him. After a long time, Ye Guchen got up and said coldly, "No matter what they want to do, this is my territory in Jiangnan. I’m in charge of them. Since Long Jun and the king of Zhennan want to play, we can just accompany them. You should immediately send someone back to Tianmen Mountain to report this matter and command him to invite several elders to go to Jiangnan secretly. I’m going to catch them all this time!"
After hearing this, A Long’s eyes flashed with excitement. He knew that there was going to be a big war, and he was very excited about it, as if his whole body trembled and shouted respectfully "Yes!"
Speak quickly proffering flaming and turn away.
Change one chapter first and one chapter later)
Chapter sixty-six Fire spirit bead jasper spoon
However, when Ye Guchen was sitting in the Royal Guards Camp outside Liuzhou, he discussed how to deal with the tripartite joint affairs of the town of Nanwang Heijia Camp and Blood Long Jun, and those people in the Feng Family Courtyard in Liuzhou were not idle.
Zhu Xiangyu, the south king of the town in the Feng Family Courtyard in Liuzhou City, is sitting in the center of this hall. There are three people in this hall, besides Zhu Xiangyu, there is also a tall man in black armor, a middle-aged man covered in bloody brocade and holding a folding fan. Three people look at each other and sit quietly without saying a word.
Outside this hall, hundreds of masters armed with weapons left the hall wrapped tightly, and the master Feng’s youngest son smiled bitterly at each other in this courtyard. Although this is Feng’s floor, this is Feng’s mansion, but now their master has turned into a slave’s house, but they can wait in this courtyard.
"Father, what do you mean by this town south king? He actually invited the blood Long Jun and the black armor camp master. If it is known by the Royal Guards, it will be a death sentence. "Feng Qing whispered beside Feng Master Feng Wanshan.
With a wry smile, Feng Qing Feng Wanshan Nai said, "Now the Feng family has been tied to the chariot of Zhennan King. Do you think Zhennan King will promise if we quit? Even if he agrees, will the Royal Guards believe us? " Wrong novel network does not skip words.
This made Feng Qing speak for a while, and then he seemed to think of something in his eyes and said in a low voice, "When my father was at the front end, it was said that Ye Guchen of Jiangzhou Ye Family had been promoted to the command of the Royal Guards and became a master. We are not bad with Ye Family, and Ye Guchen was once our son-in-law of Feng Family. Do you think we are?"
Feng Qing’s words made Feng Wanshan’s eyes shine, and then he was a little lost and wry. "If Yuqing didn’t die, there is still room for discussion. After all, at the beginning, we were good with him and Ye Gujia, but now Yuqing’s physical death has not even found the body. Even if it is clear, I am afraid that Ye Guchen will not pay attention to our Feng family. Alas, this matter can go one step at a time."
"Father, this matter is important. Anyway, we always have to try, don’t we? I think people will tell the news to Ye Guchen Ye Guchen, and I have seen things in those years. Although it is inevitable that they have some resentment towards my Feng family, I think he should be able to understand that Yu Qing died because of his body, and he wouldn’t make such a decision. Even if he can’t change his mind and help us Feng family, you know that the forces of the Royal Guards are not ours to compete with. Even though the South King of Zhennan has found a black armor camp and a master of blood Long Jun this time, the outcome is still unpredictable. A camp and blood Long Jun are one in Daqin and one in the big fellow, but they can still clap their asses and leave. Then it will be our Feng family who will suffer. We have to prepare early. "Feng Qingshen said that he is nearly fifty years old, and his thoughts are very mature. It is called foresight. He naturally sees these things clearly, and he knows what is strong and weak.
"Alas, I can do this. Blame me Feng’s family for being a scum like Feng Lan, who has harmed my Feng family in this way. Don’t say that I have to be controlled by the king of Zhennan. It’s really a pity." Feng Wanshan said that things have come to this point and he doesn’t know what to say.
Here Feng Qing nodded and turned away from the other side of the hall. Nanwang has spoken. "Two of us don’t do shady things. Did I make it clear in the letter that you brought something?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
"Of course, we have brought the Jasper spoon from Black Armor Camp. I wonder if you have brought the Blood Dragon Ammunition Lingzhu?" The black armor big fellow hey hey smile to look at the distance the hand-held folding fan bloodstained garment.
Black armor camp blood Long Jun Royal Guards are not harmonious, and it is often difficult to fight with each other. This black armor man always speaks unconsciously when he sees blood dragon soldiers, with a hint of provocation.
"This matter is very important. My blood Long Jun naturally brought something, and besides, I also brought two hundred blood Long Jun masters to ensure that this matter is lost in one thousand." The middle-aged man with a folding fan smiled and shook his hand with a folding fan.
"oh? That being the case, I’m going to apply again. This time, the three parties will jointly get what they need. If you help me completely eradicate the forces of the Royal Guards in the south, his hand is even more important. Those Royal Guards are stuck in my throat like a fishbone in the south, which makes me very uncomfortable. I hope you can help me understand that he is talking about other things. I don’t need the sword god to hide it and share it with you both. "King Zhennan sat there and said this with a high voice. When he said this, his eyes looked deeper than deep. No one could guess what was going on his mind.
"Hey, hey, this nature, we will naturally help the report to say that Ye Guchen is there. If you don’t say that we will also solve the ridiculous problem, it is not enough for the Royal Guards to hide the treasure map in vain. Even if he is a broken virtual master, he will never hit the sword god Xie Feng. What he hides is far from being as simple as what is said outside." The bloody clothes student said slowly with a hey hey smile and shook the folding fan.
Xie Feng, the sword god, is a secret. Although many people know about this matter, they really know the value of it. These two forces, Heijiaying and Long Jun, fought in secret a hundred years ago. They won the Fire Pearl and Jasper spoon respectively, and the treasure map was also lost in that war. If the war had not caused heavy losses to both sides, they would not have fallen behind the Royal Guards.
However, all this is worth it. What the Sword God Xie Feng keeps in secret is absolutely qualified for them to sacrifice everything. It is definitely worth their sacrifice.
Chapter sixty-seven Feng family tidings
In the middle of the night, tens of thousands of people outside the Royal Guards Liuzhou Camp are wearing armor and holding soldiers. Under the banner of the king of the south of the town, they slowly enter from all directions, and the packages of the Royal Guards Liuzhou Camp outside the city are coming in from all directions.
The 3,000 Royal Guards led by Ye Guchen are stationed in the mountain stream outside Liuzhou to avoid causing panic. These tens of thousands of troops are surrounded by all directions, which naturally blocked the retreat of the Royal Guards. You know, behind them is the continuous Minshan Mountain Range, which is blocked by a Minjiang River that spans dozens of miles. The only exit is the rugged path in front of them. It is naturally hidden here on weekdays, but it is very passive once it is besieged.
At this moment, Ye Guchen is sitting in this big camp and closing his eyes to practice. Although he has reached the innate state, Ye Guchen still hasn’t given up his practice. When he reaches this state, he feels the beauty of practice. Every time he absorbs the aura of heaven and earth into his body, the light and refreshing feeling makes people fascinated, and a sense of satisfaction fills his whole heart.
Nowadays, Ye Guchen’s acquired strength has transformed the innate qi. Compared with the acquired strength, the innate qi is more powerful and more solid, but the number is relatively reduced. Many Ye Guchen meridians are not as full as before. After being washed by a new energy, Ye Guchen meridians become more tenacious, but the total energy is reduced.
The process of constantly absorbing the aura of heaven and earth and transforming the innate qi is not complicated, but the feeling is not full. Yuzryha Gu Chen knows that he has a long way to go, and he wants to keep climbing, so he never stops practicing by himself, even in the busiest time, he always takes some time to practice.
"My Lord, there are people outside who claim to be the Feng family in Liuzhou, saying that they have a hundred urgent things to tell you!" Just at this time, suddenly a long sound came in outside the tent.
Aaron’s words: Yuzryha Gu Chen stopped practicing, and then frowned when he opened his eyes. He didn’t know that the Feng family in Liuzhou came to find something for himself. After the marriage, he seemed to have nothing to do with the Feng family. What’s worse, now they seem to belong to the king of Zhennan, right?
"Let him in" thought for a moment. Ye Guchen gave such an answer. He decided to meet the Feng family first to see what they were looking for.
Soon the Feng family followed Aaron’s footsteps and quickly came in. It was a 60-year-old man with white hair and an old face. The whole person wore a gray robe and followed Aaron into the account. After that, he quickly knelt down and saluted Ye Guchen and said, "Old slave Feng sees adults."
Looking straight at Feng Ye Gu Chen Xiu’s nature, it is not difficult to see that this Feng belongs to the top ten ranks and differs from this Aaron by a few. It seems that this person is not in a low position in the leaves’ home. He glanced at Ye Gu Chen before him and nodded lightly and then said, "Feng, right? There are many words in the wrong novel network. What can I do for you? "
"My Lord, I was ordered by my master to come and tell you. Hundreds of superior soldiers from the Black Armor Battalion and Blood Dragon jointly dispatched 50,000 troops to encircle you. Our master just got the news and sent me to tell you this matter quickly." Feng quickly knelt there and said that he was quite serious about Ye Guchen’s question and dared not be careless.
If he were to face others, he might still have the pride of the ten masters, but when facing Ye Guchen, who has the innate master strength and is extremely powerful, he has no pride at all, and when he speaks, he is a slave.
"Well, I know about this matter, but forget it. Go back." Ye Guchen said with a frown. When he said this, two most important questions popped up in his heart. First, what should the Feng family do to help him tell himself the news? Aren’t they on the same line as Zhennan Wang? And I seem to have nothing to do with them. The second question is what? The King of Town South mobilized 50,000 troops, but he didn’t have any news at all. According to the truth, the detection ability of the Royal Guards is a double blood. Hundreds of experts in Long Jun Black Armor Camp can be investigated. There is no reason for 50,000 troops to mobilize themselves, but I don’t know. You know, this is a 50,000-strong army, and it has to stretch for more than ten miles. If it weren’t for blindness, you could see that the Royal Guards intelligence system is all over the sky.
These two questions have puzzled Ye Guchen and Yuzryha Guchen. The second question is to think about it. There are two possibilities: one is that the intelligence system of the Royal Guards was devastated by the other party, and the other is that someone betrayed the Royal Guards. There is no way to explain this except these two points.
But the first question is Yuzryha Gu Chen is very confused. According to the truth, the Feng family has a grudge against themselves. They should be the people who don’t want to live the most. Once they are alive, it is a threat to the Feng family, especially because they are now extremely powerful. The Feng family has the slightest resistance in front of themselves. They should want to die the most. How can they come over and tip them off?
It seems that Ye Guchen’s mind knelt there, but Feng hesitated for a while and said in a low voice, "My Lord, I can’t walk today, and hundreds of masters with 50,000 troops are coming out of the mountain. There is a way that I can’t walk. Feng is ready to die today, but I know that it should not be a problem for adults to repair if they want to leave, so I don’t want to say something today. Please allow the old slave to say it."
This Yuzryha lone Chen leng leng glanced at next to Aaron low said, "you go out to decorate the rule against all people preparing for the fire at the same time to launch fireworks signals to the surrounding dark piles for help! I still have some things to wait for! "
"It’s an adult". People like Aaron will naturally not stay here. Even if Ye Guchen doesn’t command him, he will find a reason to leave what he has heard. After hearing this command, he quickly fuels his life and then turns away.
Chapter 60 The Beauty Died
Looking at a burly figure wearing a bloody robe, Aaron sat in the center of this tent, dressed in a bloody robe, embroidered with splendid Kirin long hair hanging from the back of his head and chest-high leaves. He quietly looked at Feng and said slowly after a long time, "What can I do for you?"
"My Lord, do you know what my gentleman was ordered to break off an engagement at the beginning? What is the three-year contract? Ye Jia and Feng Jia have been friends for generations. Ye Jia helped Feng Jia in the most critical time. Feng Jia is not an ungrateful person. How can a person do such treacherous things? All this is really for a reason, "Feng knelt there and sighed.
However, Ye Guchen’s face is not very good. It’s no big deal that the Feng family broke off their engagement. A person who came through has no special feelings for the little girl in Miss Feng’s impression, and there is no life-and-death lover. He is not sad that this matter was humiliated by Ye’s laughingstock near Jiangzhou, and at that time it was the most dangerous time for Ye’s family. This matter has always been a heart disease in Ye Guchen’s heart. His face is naturally ugly.
"The purpose of your coming here is to make a special trip to the Feng family as lobbyists? It was the Feng family who arranged for you to say so, right? Wrong novel network many words "Ye Guchen sneer at a said murderous look in the eyes a flash.
"No, it’s not that the master arranged it. I say it’s really an old slave who doesn’t spit. The old slave is also going to die. This time, I will get away with it. Even if it’s an adult, you want to kill me. I will tell it. It’s not that Feng’s kindness is really a matter of course. Feng’s doing this not only for Feng’s family, but also for you and Ye’s family." Feng excitedly said that when he spoke, his body trembled a little.
"Hum me leaves home? Then tell me about it! " Leaf solitary Chen heard this cold hum a immediately said.
"This is actually the case." Feng saw Ye Guchen willing to listen to himself and suddenly breathed a sigh of relief, showing a lot of relief, and then slowly said what had happened.
Feelings: Miss Feng Yuqing, although she was fourteen years old at that time, was already well-known as the first beauty in the south of the Yangtze River. Many people adore Miss Feng. It is no secret, but sometimes things are like this. Sometimes it is not a good thing for women to be too beautiful.
Miss Feng Yuqing, a beautiful and moving town, was greatly moved when she saw Wang Shi in the south, so she took the initiative to come to the Feng family. The Feng family refused, but I didn’t expect Wang Shi in the south of the town to refuse to give up and threatened to destroy Feng family and Ye family. This made the Feng family afraid and had to compromise on this matter.
Want to know the town south king is the biggest captaincy mercenary millions stationed in the southern border to resist the invasion of barbarians. The strength of the well-trained division is amazing. Even the famous emperor has to comity three points, not to mention a small Feng family. Although the town south king is not a river’s lake middleman, there is no such organization as a royal guard, but it still has a large number of experts on the network, including five innate experts. Needless to say, how dare this Feng family offend the town south king? It is also a very tactful way to refuse Wang Shi in Zhennan.
However, I didn’t expect that Wang Shi of Zhennan was furious and invited Wang Xin of Zhennan, which made the Feng family have no way to wait for concessions. However, the Feng family did not immediately promise to say an agreement that Feng Yuqing had an engagement and was still young, and made an agreement that Ye Guchen could reach the innate state in three years, so the engagement would still count. If Feng Yuqing could not be reached, he would marry Wang Shi of Zhennan.
In fact, this is an appropriate plan, and everyone knows it. There is no doubt that three years ago, everyone knew what level Ye Guchen was, so it was not enough to worry about the impassability of meridians. It was impossible for people to reach the innate state root in three years. First, the Feng family also left a glimmer of hope for Ye’s family, although this hope was slim. Second, Wang Shi, who was in the south of the town, made him think that the Feng family was face-saving and had to make such a rule. In fact, all this was because the Feng family was delaying, hoping to find a solution, although they themselves were white.
"Are you? So that is it? Well, in that case, I don’t blame you. There was nothing anyone could do about it at that time, but now that this matter has come out, Ye Guhe Feng’s hatred may not be friendship, but the engagement matter is still forgotten. Ye Guchen doesn’t need such an engagement. "Ye Guchen breathed a sigh of relief after hearing this and immediately said so. Although he said that he could understand the situation of the Feng family at that time, they were forced to make a choice and would do the same for themselves, but he still couldn’t forgive this matter. However, his engagement with Miss Feng naturally ceased to count.
"This old slave has long known that you would say this, but even if you don’t mind this matter, your engagement with my young lady is afraid of being fulfilled." Feng sighed and her eyes were a little moist.
Ye Guchen didn’t speak, but looked at Feng Feng with a sigh and continued, "My lady, alas, although I don’t know what you think, has been loyal to you since I got engaged to you, and I have never been sorry for you. Even when the Feng family was in the most crisis, my lady never wavered. She is virtuous and gentle, but she had a big fight with her master and several young masters several times and was never shaken in the room for half a year. Unfortunately, my lady is a beauty." Half a year ago, Wang Shi of Zhennan was drunk and watched my young lady lead the servant girl into the mountains with the intention of molesting my young lady. My young lady refused to fight to the death and jumped off the cliff on the spot. Now it is already a bone. "
"bones?" Ye guchen’s eyes moved when he heard this, and he felt so sad that he didn’t know what to say at the moment. Frankly speaking, this theory of Feng Guru, Feng Yuqing, was loyal to herself. If she had another chance, Ye guchen felt that she would forgive her. No, she didn’t do it. Ye guchen felt that she would accept her.
Well, the Feng family searched for dozens of days and sent thousands of people into the mountains to search for the remains of the young lady. Finally, a cenotaph was built to show comfort to your honor. Before she died, my young lady told her to tell you that she was "sorry for not serving you in this life, but I will repay you if you have the opportunity in the next life."
Feng has choked up when he said this. It seems that his feelings for this young lady Feng are not shallow, but Feng’s words are a little uncomfortable for Yuzryha.
It’s not love, it’s naked touch. For such a person, Ye Guchen really knows that he should cherish it. He is not an inexperienced person. He has traveled through many people, but he has never seen such a spoony and loyal woman. He doesn’t know what to say at the moment. He knows that if Feng Yuqing is still alive, he will definitely marry her.
After a long time, Ye Guchen looked at Feng with a sigh of relief and said slowly, "I know. Go ahead. Don’t worry, your lady’s business is my business. I won’t let go!"
Feng Yuqing naturally has plans. Yes, it’s a shame to ask for tickets. Thank you brothers and sisters for your support. The gods are grateful.

Of course the queen mother can compromise …

"Mosquito, this is the first time I lied to my mother. I’m a little scared …" Nan Lichuan held his chest, but he was resourceful and highly praised Mosquito. "Mosquito, you can take whatever you want in this palace … it’s a reward for you!"
"Little mosquitoes don’t want anything. It’s the greatest honor to be with the emperor!" Flattery is enough!
Zhuge Yue’s modesty with a small mosquito really kills him!
If it weren’t for his or her freedom, how could this talkative unlucky child have disappeared?
The eyes really jumped from one pit to another and became a queen. She still seemed to escape!
"Month you promised to be my queen! I finally did it … "Looking at Nan Lichuan, I was so happy that I danced like a child. Zhuge Yue really couldn’t laugh at all …
I lied to him, a white lie, but I didn’t expect to be cheated by myself!
It’s really a wave of unrest …
"The queen mother came …"
Zhuge Yue has just woken up and her bones are empty, but it’s one thing to be free when she hears these words, but she doesn’t want to die yet!
Leave a green hill without worrying about firewood.
If the queen mother finds out that she cheated her, she will never lie to her with her own knife. If one of them dies, it will be bad luck for her!
With a hurried footsteps followed by the queen mother came in …
A well-maintained, calculating face can still see the beauty and publicity of youth.
The gas field is strong and can be felt as far as ten meters!
Li Gonggong is full of servility beside her!
As soon as she entered the door, she saw Zhuge Yue at first sight!
The sharp eyes shot Zhuge Yue all over like a machine gun. If it’s a machine gun, Zhuge Yue is now in the shape of a honeycomb briquet …
"See the Empress Dowager Empress in the wind and blue moon …" Since you don’t want to die, you still have to have a palace, but you can’t be a man with a heart than a palace!
The queen mother’s cold eyes swept Zhuge Yue without saying anything, so she knelt down and squatted half-squat, which was worse than squatting!
It seems that if you want to give her a Mawei!
Zhuge Yue is recovering from a serious illness. After a while, his face will sweat and fall off directly!
But … fortunately, there is …
South Lichuan went to her side. "You’d better get up first every month. Chuaner pays his respects to his mother …"
Zhuge Yue heaved a sigh of relief when he heard this pardon from South Lichuan, but … Everything is obviously not that easy!
"Wait …" The queen mother gave birth to the cold sound, which caused the surrounding gas to plummet several degrees!
The north wind blows like ice skates, Zhuge Yue blows!
"I heard that you and Chuaner met on a private visit. Where was it?" The queen mother will throw bombs as soon as she comes. All kinds of threats. Chapter 88 One or two?
"I heard that you and Chuaner met on a private visit. Where was it?" As soon as the queen mother came, she threw bombs and forced questions!
But it’s okay … Little mosquito told her the details just now!

Where is this? Feather’s eyes opened in a daze, and now she is lying in a big bed in Zhang Kuan, with her hands and feet tied up. She squirms like a caterpillar and can’t shout.

Rub, rub, rub, rub, rub, rub, rub, rub, rub, rub, rub, rub.
A big hand lifted a feather from the ground like a chicken. A handsome and evil face appeared in her field of vision. Wei Tingyan studied a feather and smiled "Ha ha". "Brother Shura, this girl is here as bait? Are you sure he will be Mu Chenxing’s Mr Right? Will Mu Chenxing hook her? "
What do you want from Morningstar? Oh, my God, did you take the wrong hostage? Where am I the right person for him? It is estimated that I will clap my hands and laugh when I am tortured to death!
I was thinking that feather pastor had reached another person’s hand like rice dumplings, and that nice and magnetic voice was in my ear. "Let her go, Wei Gong. It’s not good for this little arm and calf to be scattered." It was that ghost face shura Otoha pastor who quickly raised his head and stared at the people in front of him.
The ghost face shura looked at the feather, and his cold voice had no temperature. "Although this little girl is not amazing, she is a great bait to see if the fish is willing to hook herself."
Is it not amazing? Although I am not a beautiful woman, I can’t be said to be unattractive. It feels awkward! Feather Huan not gas to think.
Attract the morning star? Save it, Mu Chenxing won’t come, just by herself!
Wei Tingyan nodded, and his big hand gently stroked his face. His voice revealed that there was no evil. "Shall we enjoy one first?"
Sex maniac! How to enjoy it? Toes want to know that the emperor bless himself not to fall into his hands! Amen!
Ghost face shura smiled coldly. "No one can touch her without my permission, otherwise don’t blame me for being rude!"
Wei Tingyan quickly drew back his hand. "Haha, Brother Shura doesn’t want business. I mean, I can’t enjoy playing with so many beautiful women. Will I care about such a thin lesbian girl?"
What? Thin lesbian? I am slim, ok?
Ghost face shura corners of the mouth gently crooked crooked "little girl, I really want to know if someone will die for you"
He put his fingers on the face of the feather, and gently fed the water in a jade cup to the feather with the other hand.
Feather pastor a mouth "wow" to spray out the water in his mouth and spray the ghost face shura. A face of ghost face shura was not angry. He raised his sleeve and put the water on his face and said softly, "Do you know? I just like to watch others get angry. Seeing others’ anger and evil breath is my source of strength. The angrier you are, the happier I am! "
I won’t let you get what you want, evil freak!
Chapter 50 Death to the tower
Mu Chenxing and Mo Yuyou just returned to the shelter inn and saw Feng Feiyan and Fluttershy in a panic. As soon as he saw Mu Chenxing and Yu Youyou step into the inn, the two girls swooped and grabbed Mu Chenxing’s arm tightly.
Mu Chenxing was surprised. In front of him, the phoenix flies, the clouds fly, the temples are fluffy and the flowers are pale. A pair of charming big eyes are panicked at the moment.
Mu Chenxing hurriedly asked, "What’s the matter with Feiyan? What the hell happened? "
Feng Feiyan quickly said, "Sister Feather has been taken away by the ghost face shura, and the ghost face shura asked you to go to the Chongxiao Building at noon on Sunday, otherwise you can collect the body of Sister Feather. I am afraid that you have left the capital and come to you quickly."
Ghost face shura? Mu Chenxing is stupefied. This mysterious figure has suddenly appeared in the past two years. No one knows that he is from the mysterious and unpredictable side. When he is ruthless and cold-blooded, he is tied with the ghost face shura.
He quickly comforted Feng Feiyan, "Don’t worry, I will go to save the feather."
Don’t talk to you and say, "Ghost face shura, this is Sister Feather’s bait to lead you there. Don’t you want to think about what kind of shocking trap he will set? Can’t go. "
Mu Chenxing mused that the teacup in his hand was crushed as he sat there.
Feng Feiyan sobbed, "Mu Chenxing, do something quickly!"
Mu Chenxing put her hand on Feng Feiyan’s shoulder and said softly, "Don’t worry, there is nothing for me and my life to guarantee." He gently called Fluttershy, "Fluttershy and Feiyan girl go home and have a good rest. You are also scared today."
Fluttershy promised to hold the phoenix fly away from the inn together.
Mo Yu paced back and forth in the inn while Mu Morningstar sat there thoughtfully.
The language is quiet and graceful, and I am swaying in front of Morningstar. Mu Morningstar squinted his eyes and said lightly, "You sit down, you turn me around and I feel dizzy."
You stop yourself. She goes to Mu Chenxing and squats to raise her beautiful face. Her voice is a little shaky. "You can’t go to the ghost face. What kind of person is Shura? You and I both know that he is the most cold-blooded killer and inhuman."

In this world, it is impossible for a person to come even in Nan Yunqing to "lead a secluded life" when Xiao asked this realm, but Xiao asked it as if it could be done!

Once he felt the extra help, he immediately controlled it and transferred those ghosts to the outside!
There is no place for Xiao Wen to be afraid of the strength of the big fellow’s embroidery. It is that force that can’t catch the ghost gas without thinking about it. He actually sensed the ghost gas through the force!
The ghost gas seems to be under control!
An embarrassing scene appeared, and a mass of ghost gas immediately moved in the dark red Se claustrophobia. They were indeed dragged, but they flew back and forth in that movie instead of to the outside world …
How can we make them fly to the outside world?
Go over the formula quickly …
After a closer look, Xiao Wen will know that it is more difficult to let the ghost gas break through the boundary, and some people can’t help but feel nervous.
How can we not try when we have reached this point?
Come again! !
Outside, Nan Yunqing has been carefully observing Yang Rong and doing his duty. He flies wherever Nan Yunqing tells him to fly …
There are many people whose eyes are fixed on them, because they decide the next step of everyone’s action.
The gate of Zhongfu City is closed, even if it is outside the city, it is difficult to break through. Now Nan Yunqing is obviously trying to break the supply idea of the main city from the five peripheral towns.
Yes, she knows that she could have entered the small floating city in front of her long ago, and she is still observing from outside. First, she wants to take the opportunity to recuperate for a while. She knows better than anyone how much she is hurt …
I’ve seen enough. With a detailed plan in my heart, Nan Yunqing is ready to let Yang Rong go around the floating city for the last time to see if there are any omissions, and then announce her plan to everyone.
"Fly slowly around the city again," said Nan Yunqing.
"Good" Yang Rong immediately responded.
Lei Yun once again circled the floating city, and three people were quieter than one.
Seeing that it was going to fly for half a circle, Yang Rong suddenly moved a step sideways with a sense of horror. Nan Yunqing also suddenly turned to look at Xiao Wen’s direction, and Xiao Wen’s shoulder was ninety thousand, but he had already exclaimed and flew out in fear and looked at Lei Yun Xiao Wen anxiously!
"Xiao teacher younger brother? ! !” Yang Rong exclaimed, I could hardly believe my eyes. At this time, Xiao asked that his skin was black and he was sending out a dense chill, just like a demon!
Nan Yunqing also looked surprised and didn’t see what Xiao asked. Almost at the same time, Yang Rong whispered "Xiao asked!"
For a moment, I saw Xiao Wen’s thick Se, which was so thick that it melted and drifted out, but it didn’t disappear, but it just froze in the air!
Soon Xiao Wen’s appearance reappeared, but the black gas also spread big enough that several strands of horses were about to meet Yang Rong.
Yang Rong immediately took a step back in Lei Yun and also heard Nan Yunqing’s low voice "How is it possible to reach a secluded spot?" ! !”
Since I met Nan Yunqing, Yang Rong is definitely the first time to hear Nan Yunqing speak in this tone, which shows how surprised she is.
"Miss Nan, didn’t you say that seclusion is a high-level luck of seclusion? How could Xiao Shi?"
"But he is" Nan Yunqing betting tunnel at this time.
"This ….. isn’t Xiao Shidi a wizard who learns the ghost?" Yang Rong some uncertain tunnel
"I asked him about his progress before. Although his qualifications are good, it is impossible to be that good." Nan Yunqing truthfully said.
"It’s good to ask him later if he’s all right …" Yang Rong asked Xiao in a dying tunnel, but they sang the sword clan, which was possessed by him or injured, and he must be scolded.
At the same time, Xiao asked the body that the black gas had completely spread to Yang Rong in Lei Yun, knowing that it was seclusion, and he didn’t hide again. Indeed, there was nothing different after being shrouded in the black gas.
Xiao Wen, on the other hand, can actually vaguely feel the changes outside, but he still doesn’t stop trying to transfer all those ghosts out. Of course, he doesn’t practice, but wants Nan Yunqing to rest and let him fly to those floating cities with everyone.
But it’s not until the claustrophobia is a little bit, and the black gas seems to cover more than ten feet, so how many people can we take?
Before going out, he thought about the reason first and said it was inconvenient to tell …
Now he knows more and more about Nan Yunqing. If he doesn’t want to say that she won’t ask the wise men, will Yang Rongyang bother to ask …
Xiao asked whether or not he knew that the ghost gas from his body had covered more than ten feet and merged with this world. He immediately asked, "Miss Nan, do you think I can take people in this state?"
"It should be, but how can you have such control over your source?"
"It’s not convenient to talk about it now. I’ll tell you later when the time is ripe." Xiao asked directly and honestly.
Nan Yunqing looked at Xiao’s eyes and then nodded, "All right."
"Brother Yang, don’t tell anyone." Xiao asked quickly to Yang Rongdao.
"Good" Yang Rong laughed.

In the autumn rain, the whole world is quiet, even the police cars passing by are quiet.

"Summer, don’t worry." Xia Yu touched Xia’s hair. "It will always clear up and the nursing home won’t run."
It will clear up naturally, and the buildings will not move, but people are. But when summer arrives at the nursing home in the sunshine at noon on the third day, she finds the nurse waiting for them at the door.
"I’m really sorry. Maybe I made a mistake." The nurse was very sorry. "I don’t think that lady is the one you are looking for because she was taken away by the police yesterday."
"What?" Xia and Xia Teng glanced at Xia Teng and immediately asked, "What will be taken away by the police?"
"It’s unfortunate that the police said she was involved in a transnational information crime case," said the nurse.
"What a coincidence?" Xia Yu bowed his head and said to the nurse, "Can you show me her picture?"
The nurse agreed to bring up an photo from her brain. The woman with a dull look and a bloated figure looked at the camera like a lost soul. Xia Yu carefully identified it for a while and finally confirmed that the photo was taken by Qiao Zhenzhen, Xia’s mother who had been missing for many years.
"How did this happen? How did this happen …" Summer’s eyes were full of tears, and this sentence was repeated over and over again.
"It’s okay, don’t worry." Xia Yu held Xia in her arms. "At least we know that she is still alive and the police station is very easy to find. We can find her now."
The three people went to the town police station non-stop and were told that an had been taken over by the international task force and taken to the lighthouse country for interrogation. another reason was that An was mentally unstable and could receive effective treatment there.
So the three people went to the lighthouse country as quickly as possible, and finally got the most accurate news in the hospital. Coincidentally, an was treated by the old dean. When the attending doctor an was admitted to the hospital with the police, the nursing staff was pushing the old dean to bask in the sun in the courtyard. Witnesses said that an looked as if he had been struck by lightning.
Later, the last mystery was solved in the joint description of neil, the old dean and an.
An is that Qiao Zhenzhen was attacked after the accident in the Fifth Institute. She suspects that the incident in the Fifth Institute was not an accident. After all, foreign spies often steal secrets in both reality and movies. Qiao Zhenzhen dismissed the nanny and cut off the network to prepare for going to B, the capital of Huaxia, to hand over the research results at that time directly to the state machine.
Xia Jin has always been cautious and doesn’t believe that the core technical information of the network is usually put on a USB flash drive or a mobile hard disk. Qiao Zhenzhen left J with the most precious USB flash drive, but in order to ensure Cheyenne, she gave her mother’s friend and the old dean of rosa multiflora Children’s Welfare Institute a temporary care before leaving.
The old dean didn’t expect Qiao Zhenzhen to come back after she left.
One thing Qiao Zhenzhen regrets most is that she didn’t call the police at that time, because at that time, she felt suspicious and that the police wouldn’t believe her. During that hard-hit day, she looked at everyone like a bad guy and wholeheartedly wanted to hand over the USB flash drive to the country.
After arriving in B city, Qiao Zhenzhen met two boys who were traveling to China at an unmonitored intersection. They were twelve or thirteen years old, and Xia was almost crying. The blond boy said that he was separated from his family, but he remembered the phone number. Qiao Zhenzhen didn’t defend the children and helped him make a message to find their family. They took a photo with her and left her for the * * national institution, only to find that the U disk was gone.
In order to ensure that the information will not be leaked, Qiao Zhenzhen destroyed all the backups, but the only USB flash drive was easily stolen by "strangers" foreigners on the day when the rainstorm raged … That moment she seemed to have lost all support in the city of B, which was seriously ill for more than ten years. Later, neil quietly took her to Tong Maiguo and sent her to the nursing home. She can’t remember the specific process.
Although Xia didn’t leave Qiao Zhenzhen’s beauty, she didn’t inherit her weak and fragile character either. Xia Jin was kind, gentle, strong and brave in every aspect. This is the most gratifying thing for Qiao Zhenzhen. No matter whether the case ends up as a verdict, she has no regrets. Looking at the withered trees outside the window, she felt calm for the first time.
Winter comes early and cold in lighthouse countries, but when heavy snow covers everything, when the world returns to pure white, there is always new life waiting for spring.
One year later, she was admitted to Huaxia University, the top university in China, with excellent results in the college entrance examination. She was in charge of vr projects and won several international awards during her school days, making her a goddess of vr.
Four years later, after graduating from summer university, it is logical to enter the national mechanic in charge of vr industry to continue to study and improve vr technology. At the same time, he also does some small "part-time jobs" in the information world, such as cooperating with police and discipline to catch criminals and crack down on "information drugs". He is busy and full every day and is committed to building a more rigorous and perfect information world.
It’s another Christmas. A tall Christmas tree stands in the middle of the road in the pedestrian street of J City, the world of information. Several golden bells are hung on the tree, and small colored lights are flashing tirelessly. Many people draw a picture frame on the tree and take selfies without other people’s help or selfie sticks.
Black velvet falling from the sky, gentle light snow wearing a big red cloak, looking up at the tree in summer, simulating white air like an ordinary girl waiting for a date.
Xia Xia!’ Tao Yaoyao wears exactly the same clothes as in summer. In summer, she successfully grew to 165m and lost her weight to 99 kg. Being with Tao Yaoyao is like a pair of twins. Two beautiful girls who haven’t seen each other for a long time are walking around in the virtual world, trying on new clothes and trying on delicious food.
"Hey, Xia Xia, you have graduated from college for half a year and nothing has happened …" Tao Yaoyao trembles.
Xia Guatou "Nothing yet?"
"Not … with him …" Tao Yaoyao said.
"Ah, well … let nature take its course …" Xia answered.
When the truth came out, Tao Yaoyao once apologized to Xia. She said that in fact, she found out very early that Xia liked Li’s flaws because she pretended not to know that after those things, she solved her own problems and sincerely hoped that they would all be happy.
In fact, in Tao Yaoyao’s mind, Ji Jie is more suitable for Xia than Li Xian, but her position is not easy to say directly. However, Xia told Tao Yaoyao that none of them would "puppy love".
Tao Yaoyao doesn’t know what happened to them. It’s been almost six years now. How late does she want?
A flash of blue light appeared in front of the two men in police discipline, grabbing one in one hand and saying excitedly, "The thunder will wake up soon!" "
Both of them were taken by Ji Jie to the Xi ‘an Hospital for treatment. Both of them were people with brain wave injuries. One of the founders of this hospital was Li Xiao. Since vr technology was widely transported to the clinic and successfully cured a patient, Li Xiao "received" Thunder here and persistently treated him.
In the summer, they were familiar with this place and went straight to the Thunder Ward to push the door and talk in the ward. They stopped wearing the patient. Thunder sat on the bed and smiled at them for a long time. Chen Niluo and Li Xiaoxiao flashed blue light at the bedside. Li Xiong and Fu did not teleport. More people were coming.
When the Christmas bell rings, everyone is reveling in a white suit. Dr. Li Xian is at the window, and his eyes gently cross the people’s community. At this moment of summer, it seems that summer has returned to the original afterlife. The lake is like snow, and the fishing rod is like a white jade. He said that he would like to know each other, drink wine and ride the horse. Now it can finally be realized.
Time flies, friends and relatives are all in this life and happiness in this life, and there is never any afterlife.
Extravagant afterlife afterlife.
"Hi, dear babies. Long time no see. How are you? I’m your dear NPC Luo Xi and NPCLuPC Lucy … The translation is always different. "
NPC Luo Xi is in a peach tree, quietly elegant and Chinese, smiling skillfully. In the real world and the information world, several viewers are watching this live program, both players and non-players.
It has been seven years since the "afterlife Online" stopped. In these seven years, VR games have sprung up one after another, but "afterlife Online" is still hot because of the vigorous transnational crime that year.
Today, seven years later, when international fugitives Carlos and Grey Crow were both arrested, and those who witnessed the incident were happy, this rectified classic VR game finally ushered in its own "afterlife". Now the "afterlife" is taken over by Zhuoyi Technology, a top technology company in China, and VR practitioners and VR enthusiasts work together to rebuild the new World. It also has a new name "Rebirth Online".
The top artificial intelligence "Luo Xi" hosted a live broadcast in the "Novice Village" of Rebirth Online, while the guests of peach trees were once contracted by the dense barrage after the live broadcast of those people.
-The front row professes the goddess Luo Xi!
-The goddess seeks a spoiler game career!
-is this really a robot live broadcast or is it manipulated?
-that one in front is of course the goddess of truth and the artificial intelligence with the highest IQ, okay?
-Do you believe it or not? anyway, i believed

few humble herbs in the grass. Heart together

With a quick mind, Fang Yun continued to plunder other places and collect herbs.
“Red jade is a blessing!”
Fang Yun in the air, saw a few humble herbs in the grass. Heart together, gently swept, it is necessary to transplant this medicinal material into the “universal clock of heaven and earth”.
As soon as the news passed, Fang Yun was about to collect another piece of medicinal materials. All of a sudden, in front of me, this piece of “Red Jade and Fuze” disappeared.
Fang Yun dazed: “This …”
The front is empty, but there is a silver-haired man in front of him. His look is indifferent and his eyes are like starry sky. There are countless stars in it, which are born and died. Just a look, it seems that people’s souls will be sucked in. And his hand, is holding the Fang Yun just to collect “red jade Fuze”.
“Unexpectedly, someone like me, look at these strains of red jade. Little friend, come out. ”
Silver-haired man looking down at the front, a void. It was empty, but the man’s eyes seemed to have penetrated all the secrets and saw the tiny dust in the depths of space.
Fang Yun mind trembling, the silver-haired man didn’t how powerful momentum, but give the feeling of Fang Yun, but extremely dangerous. With his current strength, he can still feel threatened. This kind of person, for absolute reached, ghosts and gods unpredictable terrible realm.
A strong breath, cold as snow, locked in the space. Fujiki evil gentleman uses the magical power of “the best size” to change the dust. Fang Yun immediately know, he see is broken.
Void vibration, a grain of dust fiercely Yishan, suddenly stretched sharply, blink of an eye, revealing the appearance of evil Fujiki Jun, standing on the earth.

Chapter 664 The first person in Daomen
“Who are you?”
Rattan wood evil gentleman feet don’t touch the ground, gently floating, back several zhangs. After a distance, I looked at the silver-haired man in front of me This man makes him feel too dangerous, so it’s better to stay away.
“Xuan Xuan.” Silver-haired man indifferent blinked, calm way.
Fang Yun was shocked, and could hardly believe his ears. It’s him! Fang Yun didn’t expect to go to Junnian’s master here.
The first master of Taisu School, Yu Xuan. This name is well-known in the sectarian world. Fang Yun also found out that Yu Xuan was the master of Junnian. But this one never went down the mountain, so Fang Yun never saw him.
Fang Yun didn’t expect, would be in a place like this, see the first master YuXuan.
“Turns out to be danger elders, surprisingly, the elders, like me, are interested in these few strains of red grass. A gentleman doesn’t steal people’s love, since Elder Yu also takes a fancy to it. I naturally dare not worry about the elders. ”
Fang Yun didn’t discover the identity of “Red Jade and Fuze”, only that it was a red grass. He bowed his hand and flew upside down, then he wanted to leave: “Elder Yu, I have work to do next. Don’t bother, leave! “