She just walked to the door and heard a noise!

"What are you doing here with a seat?"
"Xu, you will know when you go in …"
The dazzling light of the instant door shone on her, and then she saw the butterfly and Nan Haochen in front of her!
Butterfly has a face of consternation, and the expression on her face is how could she …
If the night is like a stranger, it is a rosy lip that outlines a smile!
With a hint of banter in his eyes …
Liu Qing some silver three hundred and twenty hurriedly motioning with his hand here "I … I have nothing to do with him … really nothing …"
"Oh?" The night was as calm as a stranger, but it suddenly shouted "Nan Haochen-"
Damn it!
Liu Qing couldn’t help cursing a hard heart! What’s this night like a stranger? How can it be so hateful! I cann’t believe I have to wake Nan Haochen up!
Isn’t all he wants to do is sneak out unnoticed?
But Nan Haochen heard the sound of the night like a stranger really faint and opened his eyes-
Then he looked at the curtain in a daze, and some terrible pictures in his mind seemed to pass, and his eyes flashed over and over again, which made him feel at a loss!
He didn’t know there were so many people watching around him, and then he vaguely remembered that he seemed to/met Liu Qing last night?
"How is that possible? How could I do that to a man? " He muttered to himself that his head was still in chaos and slowly turned to see a bunch of people waiting for the door, and then there was Liu Qing who was entangled with him yesterday …
They all listened to what he said and stared at him one by one!
At that moment, it seemed that a huge volcano erupted in Nan Haochen’s heart …
Then I got up in a panic and forgot I was naked!
"Ah-"Butterfly screamed and hurriedly turned away …
South Hao Chen hurriedly covered himself "last night … we …"
Liu Qing sipped her lips and her face was not very good-looking. Then she didn’t want to face Nan Haochen, so she turned away coldly!
Then leave the colorful butterfly at night like a stranger and watch the night like a stranger. His face is full of embarrassment. "Don’t tell the moon today!"
The night is like a stranger, as if deliberately torturing him. I don’t know for sure or deny it, so I just walk out …
It’s not that you don’t chase after Nan Haochen!
Because he didn’t wear clothes if he wanted to chase after him!
-dividing line-
Finally, the night was like a stranger, but I told Zhuge Yue about it. Zhuge Yue ate some grapes and couldn’t help laughing.
She is a little in distress situation.
"So … you can let go of South Hao Chen’s guilt …"
"I said …" Zhuge Yue raised his eyebrows. "You didn’t arrange this, did you?"
Night is like a stranger with a JiaoChen hidden in his eyes. "How can you recognize 498? Chapter 498 Conspiracy (5)

Camel beast is not Chen Yi’s ultimate goal, but he hopes to clone a mount like earthworm to enrich his diplomatic and military advantages in the western continent.

Cloned animals are also pregnant. If a cell is studied for half a year and cloned for another half a year, he might as well send a new armored vehicle.
Because of this, Chen Yi’s tone is firm.
"All right, I’ll try." Wu Fangyu’s tone is that he is depressed. Generally speaking, scholars and businessmen should be grovelling in the early stage-even Yang Bailao and Huang Shiren are grovelling in the late stage. But he knows that Chen Yi’s identity has changed and he still has to refund money …
Chen Yi smiled gently and became polite again. "Professor Wu, shall we set off?"
"Still going? I help you make a phone call "Wu Fangyu think Chen Yi is too difficult.
"I have to go. What if you don’t go to others to say that you are busy?"
Wu Fangyu couldn’t help it. He wanted to call his old friend and pushed Chen Yi.
The two men caught Wu Fangyu, a raptor, and for a while they didn’t wriggle themselves, in exchange for complaints from the little lizard.
However, Professor Wu’s dissatisfaction did not last long.
Because Chen Yi gave Wu Fangyu and Zhou Yuanyuan a box in the biological laboratory of Jiangning Agriculture and Forestry University, he performed the "trick" of changing ore into metal.
After burying the box in a pile of ore for more than an hour, you can pour out a regular metal ingot from its mouth, weighing 15 kilograms, and the purity of copper is quite high.
"It’s amazing!" Wu Fangyu exclaimed that he regretted introducing others to Chen Yi. "I know a lot about cell engineering …"
This kind of research is better than camel cloning.
"You are a supervisor" Chen Yi has long thought about it.
Professor Zhou Yuanyuan, the owner of the laboratory, put away his face after holding a pair of glasses and asked in surprise, "Mr. Chen, are you worried about me?"
Instead of answering, Chen Yi thought, "You must sign a strict legal document with me to keep it confidential and ensure that all the benefits and achievements derived from this strain belong to me and the funds will be subject to the dual supervision of the accounting firm and Professor Wu Fangyu."
"Too much!" Professor Zhou Houyuan is in the prime of life and controls a national laboratory at the age of five, which has a considerable academic status. Seeing his face become warped, he immediately went out of shape without fear of expensive kiss xiu.
Chen Yi hung up a listening scroll for himself without moving. Sure enough, when he heard Professor Zhou Yuan talking to himself to comfort himself, his horse buckled and his horse buckled … What a good strain should be made public …
Chen Yi imperceptibly moved a corner of his mouth.
The so-called professors and experts are the same in personality, and they will not be more upright or more tasteful because they read more. Of course, they will show the attitude of being superior to others because of their worries about their lives and their higher status. However, when faced with immediate interests, they will still vulgarize the study of a special and valuable strain and make it public. Professor Yuan Yuan hopes that this will be more meaningful than simply developing a patent by a company. After all, China’s unplanned income is not high. Of course, if the strain is Zhou, Professor Hou Yuan will probably try his best to keep it secret and apply for a patent. This is from the perspective of personal interests. Has he taken into account the interests of investors? What are the qualifications for capitalists to be the object of people’s democratic dictatorship
Chen Yi doesn’t mind Zhou Yuanyuan thinking about his own thinking mode. Experts and professors all over the world are the same. If there are differences in thinking modes, they are also caused by different sources and distribution of interests, not moral differences.
The national laboratory of Jiangning Agriculture and Forestry University has done research on bacterial metallurgy, and Zhou Yuan is also a leading figure. If Wu Fangyu didn’t introduce him, he might not have met people today.
In the stalemate, Wu Fangyu hoped that Zhou Yuanyuan would really leave.
However, this will not happen after all.
Chapter three hundred and ninety Strains (2)
Professor Zhou Yuanyuan changed his face and laughed. "I accept the supervision of legal documents, so I don’t have to guarantee my personality."
Chen Yi can’t question people’s personality, but he doesn’t believe in strangers’ personality, so he got up and said, "You mean you don’t agree? What a pity. "
He walked to the front of the lab, and Zhou Yuanyuan grabbed him and smiled heartily. "I agreed, agreed, so … let’s do it today?"
Wu Fangyu thought he could steal something before he signed it. Lao Zhou really dared. This is Chen Jiasun.
Chen Yi hangs a scroll to listen to. I also heard that it is Pei here. If it weren’t for Wu Fangyu’s white inside, maybe he really got the word.
"I’ll give it to you after signing the legal documents." Chen Yi didn’t leave any chance.
There are many silly and naive township entrepreneurs or young students in China who often take their own hard-working creations to find experts and professors to correct them. Although most of them lack scientific research or commercial value, there are always some very valuable ones who are good at transforming and plagiarizing without good supervision. It is really fascinating for professors to deal with such flying pies.
Zhou Yuanyuan smiled and said, "We will do it as soon as possible."
He can’t see the embarrassment of rejection or unbelief in his face. He’s a real quitter.
Wu Fangyu in distress situation followed Chen Yi out of the lab and couldn’t help but look at him. "You are too refined for your age."
Chen Yi shrugged his shoulders and said humbly, "I’m your boss if I don’t dare."
Wu Fangyu, a proud scholar, shook his head and finally Qu Chenjia’s forces did not refute his words.
On the second day, the lawyer of Tuantuan signed a contract on behalf of Professor Chen Yi Zhou Yuan’s laboratory, and then delivered the strain.
Although it is a very promising strain, its value is mainly economic value, so there is a strict legal document and Chen Yi background, which makes it safer than putting it in a safe at home.
Zhou Yuanyuan seemed to wait on the ancestors to welcome the box of gods to his experimental platform and rubbed his hands. At that time, I didn’t know whether to play the microscope first or take the experimental notes first.
"You guys hurry up and put the camera up." He ignored Chen Yi and was ready to posture at this time.
It’s not easy to get this strain, and God knows when Chen Yi will end up together, even if he regrets not working hard, he will be green.
Experts and professors can go to Zhou Yuanyuan this step, not to mention that there is no shortage of academic research results and papers. It is his political achievements that he is not afraid to go to the horizon. He dares to take big risks to deceive Chen Yi-at least by cheating the back door.
For the same reason, when the strain reaches other departments, it will be released. Even if the research paper cannot be published and subject to supervision, if the strain can really exceed the existing metallurgical level of bacteria, its name will increase greatly around the world.

Craftsmen are an important part of Mozi Village. The food in Mozi Village comes from farmers, and the economic source is mainly to sell craftsmen to make machinery to support the daily transportation of Mozi Village. After becoming a craftsman, it is equivalent to being a member of this organization, although it is not a Mohist, but it is also quite a share.

People who become ink, artisans, farmers and children all live in the dormitory, and once they pass the test, the village will allocate a house, although it is a small home, which is already a great gift for just adults.
Chapter 19 Awards
Chapter 19 Award Medal
Mo Lin’s roommate asked Bailiji and Luo Sandy to receive ink training together and hasn’t come back to the dormitory yet
Molin sat on the bed and excitedly took out a call from Zhongtian Gongwu.
The first page is the catalogue label, which is divided into five parts, which are about the casting and smelting of metal objects; Talking about the structure system of ships and vehicles and the passage of ships and vehicles; Talking about hammer forging of iron and bronze; Talking about ore mining and smelting hardware; There is also an article about ore processing and quenching
The five parts are illustrated from the simple to the profound, and the words are concise and easy to understand. The pictures are also very intuitive. At first, Mo Lin swallowed the dates and found that many of them were unheard of.
Molin has a small talent in engineering and just won the first place in the test, but his mind is quite complacent. However, the natural work in front of him is like opening a treasure door for him, which makes him feel sorry for his knowledge and skills.
Seeing such a rich treasure in Mo Lin, I realized how ashamed he was. After accepting this fact, Mo Lin became cheerful again. He was like a greedy worm and wanted to swallow every word and every picture was an inspiration to him.
Seeing the heavenly things in the book made Mo Lin feel puzzled and puzzled. This joy of seeking knowledge filled his heart all afternoon, making him dance and dance while reading and pondering.
It was not until I remembered that I had to go to Sandy’s home in the evening that I was reluctant to wrap my bag and go out.
Mo Lin, who went to Sandy’s home in Los Angeles, bought two bottles of rice wine as usual. This time, he won the first place. He had a justified reason to drink with Uncle Luo, and his face was slightly red. Aunt Luo also cooked some good dishes and added Luo Sandy to tell the story of Mo Lin’s popularity. The dinner atmosphere has been very high.
After dinner, Mo Lin was thinking about practicing things with Zhu Pingman in the evening, but Luo Sandy insisted that he accompany him for a walk, and Mo Lin had to wander around the nearby road side by side with Luo Sandy.
"Molin, you won the first prize this time, but you can build your own machinery. You must remember your promise to me." Sandy said.
"Don’t worry, I won’t forget that I will redouble my efforts from now on, and I will soon create the best magic weapon for you." Although Molin felt that extensive and profound engineering could not be achieved overnight, he was optimistic by nature and firmly believed that he would be able to fulfill his promise if he was willing to work hard.
"That’s very kind of you," Sandy heart constantly grabbed the ink Lin hand hee hee with a smile.
Ink Lin Zheng felt palm to Sandy palm temperature girl skin unique delicate feeling haunts his heart like a deer.
"Oh, my God, I won’t die, will I?" Mo Lin felt that his heart was beating faster and faster and he had jumped into his throat. He doubted whether his heart would jump out now.
"I’m going home, you must remember your promise." Luo Sandy didn’t realize that Mo Lin was wrong. She took Mo Lin around the house and let Mo Lin hand.
"Well … you go to bed early." Mo Lin reluctantly said that he was thirsty and trembling, and his heart was beating fast and his forehead was sweating as if he had a serious illness, but he just felt that carefree ratio was really contradictory.
Seeing Luo Sandy walk into the house, Molin felt a sense of loss. He raised his hand and sniffed before putting the tip of his nose. He smelled a fragrance belonging to the girl.
"Sandy, don’t worry, I will work hard." Molin clenched his fist and waved his hand to make a promise to the moonlight.
"Do you want to bribe me?" Seeing that Molin brought two bottles of rice wine, Zhu Ping narrowed his eyes as if he were taking a nap with the cat.
"I won the first prize in the craftsman’s graduation test. I want to celebrate it. If you don’t drink it, forget it." Molin pie pie said.
"Being the first craftsman is nothing to celebrate. Even if you are a great craftsman, you can be so-so." Zhu Pingman didn’t give Mo Lin a bite, which is contempt for craftsmen.
This contact for more than a month has made Mo Lin understand Zhu Ping’s diffuse personality. Although the old man’s words are hateful, his heart is still good. It is precisely because he has seen through this that Mo Lin does not care about him.
Molin brought some side dishes, and then he shoved a bottle of rice wine into Zhu Pingman’s hand. "Thank you for your teaching for more than a month. If I can’t meet your requirements tonight, I’m afraid it will be difficult to meet you in the future. This first sip of wine is Molin’s gratitude." Said Molin and took a long sip of wine first.
Zhu Ping looked at Mo Lin with a smile. "I didn’t expect you to have such heroism and heart in this doll, so I’ll have a drink with you." He unequivocally raised the bottle and drank it, then sipped his lips and muttered, "Mohist wine is really hard to drink."
Molin Nai said, "This wine is really a little weaker than your monkey wine, but you can make do with it when you have this kind of wine in Mohe Village."
Zhu Pingman lifted the bottle up and drank a bottle of rice wine in one gulp. He shouted at Mo Lin, "I can make it today if you can’t catch up with my rhythm."
Not to be outdone, Mo Lin poured all the rice wine into her throat, enjoying the fragrance and moisture of rice wine, and then rose up to comment on Zhu. "If I can’t tell you that I don’t live up to expectations, it’s not worth grandpa’s teaching. I will never complain."

"Good sister-in-law"

Xu tui is smart enough to say hello before taking the initiative.
But it’s boring
Chi Hongying, wearing long false eyelashes, stepped across to indicate a distance of firewood.
"Don’t call me sister-in-law. It’s still thousands of miles away. You can call me senior."
With long, tall Martin boots, Chi Hongying holding his arms and standing up, he shouted at Chai Xiao, "Chai Xiao, if you want to fight, you must hurry up."
I don’t have time to wave with you here. "
Being actively pulled away from Chai Xiao was a little embarrassed and explained, "It’s not enough to inform that there are students from the India Union District coming to communicate."
Besides, it’s still mysterious for the other teacher to take care of the students, so I want to find my brother to practice.
I’ll tell you that although I’m a mysterious first-year brother, I’m very powerful. "
Chi Hongying stood with his arms around him and took a look at Xu tui and Chai Xiao. "No matter how powerful the first grade is, it is also a weak chicken!"
Xu back awkward glanced at Chai Xiao.
It seems that Chai Xiao didn’t get this female ticket.
It’s kind of like being licked.
"Red tassel, do you remember the famous orphan soldier Deng Wei? That’s my brother’s success is really fierce. "
"Beat a freshman who just entered school or a weak chicken!"
Speaking of which, Chi Hongying looked at Chai Xiao and said, "If he can beat you into an orphan soldier, that’s really something."
This is not only embarrassing for Chai Xiao, but also embarrassing for following Xu back to the auto show.
Chai Xiao, this girlfriend is too strong.
Of course, when Xu tuijue introduced Chai Xiao, he said that the word "girlfriend" should be removed.
"You hurry up and dawdle again. I’ll eat by myself first." Chi Hongying urged.
Chai Xiao slightly embarrassed jilted to jilt his head turned into red, blue and green coquettish hair at xu back way "brother, then let’s do it quickly.
You want to light a lamp in the toilet, I will satisfy you now. "
Promise to make some hesitation at the same time. He didn’t expect Chai Xiao to come with a female ticket.
Will the fight hurt Chai Xiao’s face later?
That’s not good.
"Brother Chai, do you want another day?"
"What to do another day? Just now! "
"Chai Ge …"
"Hurry up, hurry up"
Talk Chai Xiao took the initiative to the center of the arena and waved at Xu tui.

Wait until after Liu Feng finished the incense, Luo Ding also made three wick incense and then plausibly said

Say that finish Luo Ding directly in the table a scroll picked it up and handed it to Liu Feng and said, "Xiao Feng, this is the last few tricks of Jeet Kune Do. This trick can only be learned by Jeet Kune Do owners."
"Ah what?"
"I’m not sure about the specific reason. It seems that something happened in Jeet Kune Do during the Kuomintang period, which had a great influence. Since then, this rule has been made and it has been stipulated that the selection of the head is very strict and must go through a series of assessments."
"That’s right. I asked Roger to compete with you today. Actually, I’m assessing you. I haven’t talked so much, or I’ve assessed you since the first day I accepted you as an apprentice."
"… well, let’s talk about these things later. Now you have a good look at this scroll. If you don’t understand anything, ask me to remember these tricks. Once you learn them, don’t make them easily. Because these tricks are all killing people, you will see the blood at first hand. It’s not extremely dangerous!"
"I know master!"
"well, let’s go first. I’ll let you fly back to newblane training base by special plane later. You haven’t gone back yet. Are your little lovers worried?"
"Master …"
"No kidding, you’d better go home quickly. Just take care of this scroll and don’t watch it here."
"What should I do if I don’t understand?"
"Do you often play games and be silly? Call me directly if you can’t talk, or video with me. I don’t know what time it is now …"
"…" Liu Feng just had a little bit of that feeling that seemed to be disturbed as soon as he saw it, and now he feels that his thinking is very chaotic.
"Well, you go first. I have something to do here. You can directly tell the driver where you are going outside and he will arrange it for you. I have already explained it."
"Ok, I know, master, you should also take care of yourself. You can go to my game in the second stage of si and cheer me up!"
"Yes, I will go sometimes!"
"Then goodbye, master!" Liu Feng waved directly to the car and roared off. Luo Ding saw the car gradually go away. Just now, smiling in the face slowly disappeared …
"Xiao Feng doesn’t know if I’m doing this right. It’s time for the horse to compete for ten years …"
Chapter 276 The first stage of the game is over!
Liu Feng sat in Luoding, and he prepared a special plane to come to the newblane base. They all breathed a sigh of relief when they saw Liu Feng’s illness.
Because Tan Yuan fainted in the process and then woke up, she was already on the plane. She didn’t know what happened, which made Zhou Rebing and them very worried.
It’s Tan Yuan’s time to come out and analyze the situation, so that everyone can wait for a day and then go to the police.
Because Tan Yuan now looks back on the accident, it is obvious that it is a human being, but it is actually merciful for Tan Yuan to think about it now. Although I don’t know anything, it is not dangerous for Tan Yuan to anticipate Liu Feng in his heart.
But just in case, Tan Yuan decided to wait for one day. If there is still no news from Liu Feng after one day, they will call the police.
Although he has been here for a short time, Tan Yuan’s unique calm has successfully established an image in everyone’s mind. Lu Yixuan heard Tan Yuan’s consideration and agreed with Tan Yuan’s idea.
Although Zhou Rebing is in a panic, he still forces himself to calm down because if Liu Fengzhen comes back in one day, Zhou Rebing doesn’t want Liu Fengzhen to see himself anxious, which will make Liu Feng feel guilty.
Sure enough, Liu Feng came back in less than a day, and everyone was very happy, especially Zhou Rebing, whose eyebrows were no longer sad.
"I’m sorry to worry you, but it’s not time to relax. We still have the last two team games. I hope everyone can stay at the end of the first stage. Don’t relax and try to bring the next two games to our opponent’s department to draw a perfect ending."
"Okay, no problem!" Lu Yixuan is still rushing to be the first speaker. He will never be idle.
"Well, let’s practice according to the established plan. I’ll tell you about the new analyst in our team tomorrow!"
"Yes!" Gb Everyone was relieved to see that there was nothing in Liu Feng’s heart. They directly found their own custom tables and chairs and practiced on the same day.
Liu Feng waited until everyone was in place. He called Tan Yuan and windy to the conference room and sat down. After that, Liu Feng came straight to the point and said, "Sister, I thought about it carefully on my way back. I think your situation is very suitable for our team analyst!"
"analyst?" After Tan Yuan arrived at newblane training base, she probably got to know about the division of labor of a team. Now she also probably knows what analysts do.
Tan Yuan carefully thought about it and nodded his head to show that he had no objection because Liu Feng’s arrangement was really suitable for her situation.

Going to the ancient kingdom, the true statue of the shrine, the road to the snow, Qin Changfeng said seriously.

"I’m in a special situation, and it’s not that you don’t know the true and false fairy seeds alone, not even the twelve-grain fairy seeds."
Qin Changfeng nodded gently and recognized her words, because the original fairyland method must go outside to become immortal, but the first step can be taken to refine the fairy seeds and know the sea fairy, which is equivalent to having the baptism of the fairy foundation, and you can already get some true fairy power from the fairy.
Half a step is not enough for a true fairy, and that mysterious realm should be more suitable for a quasi-fairy, and even a quasi-fairy can definitely be upright and ordinary, let alone a magic emperor or a Taoist emperor, which is not inferior to Qin Changfeng’s Taoist statue.
If we let them refine the fairy Qin Changfeng before, I’m afraid it’s true to compete with them again.
But even so, it is impossible for him to disrupt his own plan because of possible hidden dangers.
Destiny is true and false. Immortality is his minimum requirement. It depends on its laws and Xiao Mo’s, and then you will find an opportunity to slowly figure it out.
Although the vast majority of celestial monks’ chances of becoming immortals come from the original fairyland, it does not mean that there is an original fairyland in the whole celestial world. For example, the elder brother of the heavenly sanctuary Tianzun did not enter the original fairyland, and at the same time, the two laws proved that.
Since there is a first time, there will naturally be a second time. No matter how difficult it is for Qin Changfeng, there is hope.
Therefore, if he wants to refine the fairy, he must have the two laws of destiny and truth and falsehood at the same time
Qin Changfeng suddenly turned round and mused, "Why don’t you … if you find the true and false Taoist flowers, you can take the true fairy species to worship the gods and smelt the sea fairy?"
The snow eyes a bright spin and reserved way "this is not good, after all, I didn’t help when I found this nine-grain fairy seed."
It is the most basic requirement for a female emperor to maintain her dignity and talent, and how can she show her true intentions casually?
"Oh, forget it. I will never force myself or dare to make it difficult for the female emperor."
Toward the snow "…"
At the end of the day, the two of them are very special now, saying that they are separated, but their lives are connected. When necessary, they can do things with each other, but they are not intimate. There is always a layer of window paper that can’t be completely honest with each other.
If it is Zhou Zhiruo, Piao Xu and Elizabeth, there are still so many considerations and disputes.
"Here we are!"
I don’t know how long it took before Qin Changfeng woke up when a huge palace suddenly appeared in the ruins of the current land.
The palace stands more than ten miles away, and the sunlight reflects the clear light, like a crystal palace, and it is dotted with ruins like a pearl of the sea.
This is indeed the ancient and true shrine, and it was also torn apart by war, but some people restored it and recreated part of the grand scene of the kingdom of God in those days.
Outside the shrine, there is breath in heaven and earth, and powerful creatures patrol and guard, and there are signs between the eyebrows. They act neatly, as the army is obviously well-trained, not just stragglers.
"Who dares to intrude into the Temple of the Soul?"
Qin Changfeng and looked at the snow half condescending only a few breathing kung fu was found immediately someone rushed over to give a cold drink.
A group of monks from the original real world shot like arrows, and they were awe-inspiring and didn’t give them a chance to defend themselves. Their bodies shone with a very strange way of waving their hands.
There is a yellow halberd that exudes significant earth force fluctuations, but the breath of the halberd when it is split is not like the suppression of the mountains and mountains, but gives people a sense of choppy waves.
There is a mysterious underworld sword law that fluctuates in the dark Lord, but the strange thing is that the firm but gentle whizzes past. Instead of being cold, it burns at high temperature and plunders for a long time.
There is also a red fire spewing out of the bronze treasure, but the red gold flame swept away and brought it an inch of ice!
All these things are different, and the fluctuation of Weineng Avenue is very different, which is very strange
More than ten soldiers came to the crowd with their masters, and they were cut down with crashing.
Qin Changfeng left-wing exhibition will gently stop more than a dozen Ministry of War and crush it to pieces.
These strange Taoist powers are not difficult. They violate the known laws of heaven and earth. If we deal with them according to fixed ideas, such as light expelling dark water and fire extinguishing, we will not only fail, but also suffer big losses.
Because the quality exudes the law of the earth, the fluctuation is not the law of darkness, nor is it darkness …
However, before absolute strength, weirdness is crushed, just as if you are proficient in all ten martial arts, and a bullet is knocked down in the past.
More than a dozen jingu monks felt trembling and looked at the people in front of them, not showing deep fear.
They know that their own strength cultivation is the original fairyland, the right path, the demise of the ancient kingdom, and the great change of heaven. After a long period of exploration, the creatures born in the new era have created a path of practice.
This road is different from the ancient fairy road, which is different from the celestial fairy road. It is derived from the original fairyland from the beginning to the end, and the spiritual path was born.
When this road comes to an end, it is generally unknown whether there will be a fairy emperor at the top of the celestial kingdom, the true fairy road, but it is rare to see that the original fairyland has been born, surpassing all the heavenly powers. They have not mastered the law, and it is not a fairy, but it has comparable power!
They learned from the mouth of the monks who entered the original fairyland that Xianzun was an extraordinary immortal, so they also called themselves Xianjun because they were different.
The original fairyland is not a secret, and not all creatures are qualified to practice in the monastery. You can imagine how arrogant these monks who have cultivated the orthodox avenue and guarded the shrine are.
It is precisely because of this that even though it was known a long time ago that the world was about to be beaten, there would be a predator coming every thousand years, but they were arrogant, but they didn’t pay much attention to the fact that the original fairyland would be plundered again and again in the past years, but they tried to stop it, but the people in the past were too weak
Nowadays, their spiritual practice has reached a very perfect level, and the number of strong people is increasing. It is reasonable to believe that suppressing all marauders and letting the original creatures take control of their own destiny will complete their generation.
As a result, the reality is cruel. They are not bad in the original fairyland. The strong people are still as weak as ants in front of the outside world.
And Qin Changfeng here unexpectedly also eyebrows slightly wrinkled face surprised color.
What surprised him was not the strength of these people, but their strength was very strange.
Those soldiers who have condensed the road force are all contrary to common sense
The earth’s force condensed Zhan Ji, and finally the torrent of rocks flowed like water, flooding everything in a small scale.
Dark road sword crack generate high temperature close to the star, if it weren’t for Qin Changfeng, the Buddha wouldn’t dare to say that he could bear it
Besides, the cauldron is like an extremely frozen source, which freezes everything nearby, and it is even more frightening than the normal extremely frozen cold. It is necessary that the place where the Dan fire in the cauldron shines will be shrouded in extremely cold immediately, and it is not necessary to contact and broadcast through gas and other media like normal frozen gas.
Although it is very small that every kind of Taoist soldier can reach a range of less than one foot after the outbreak, it is incredible for practitioners that all fighters can reach such an attack distance.
But it’s scary. It’s moving towards the snow!
Not a dozen soldiers are normal. The water, hot darkness and cold fire are similar to subverting the meaning of the known avenue law.
This normal situation is that the root can’t happen, because the celestial monks say that how to practice is to master the meaning of the eternal avenue, which is different from the way of transportation, but it is impossible to change the law!
This strange change is by no means a force born from the confluence of two laws.
Because the normal combination of roads, such as the combination of water and soil, must have both water and soil forces at the same time, which will be sublimated, but the Zhan Ji just had a great force in vain, which turned into a torrent!
It seems that the soil there should be a flood of liquid, which can drown everything, not the thick earth and mountains.
Chapter nine hundred and fifty The original law!
Such a paradoxical situation is unprecedented in Qin Changfeng’s heart, but his surprise is even more important. For the time being, he will put his curiosity on the road "Let your master come out. My female emperor has a deal to talk with him."
That more than a dozen jingu monks have been intimidated by Qin Changfeng’s blow to suppress all their strength, but once they are involved in their master, they show their disdainful colors. The first person is even more cold-grunted. "Xianjun and other distinguished people have served in the jingu for hundreds of years, but you can’t get it. Is it that you can see it if you want to see it?" !”
Qin Changfeng was furious. "My female emperor and other figures were born when the orthodox emperor was born, and the sky was abnormal and purple. Three Wan Li sun, moon and birds sang in nine days, and the dragon’s blood and phoenix’s marrow were too expensive to say. Jin Huiyu’s peerless willingness to condescend to see your master in person was already a chance that he could not repair it in ten thousand years. You slaves don’t know how to speak wildly?"

"I advise you to leave quickly, otherwise …!" Old Three Worries Section 133: Sorrow for Don Ji

"Nothing, regardless of him, we will continue to look at us!" Any suspection.i Zhantian smiled and said, "After that, any suspection.i Zhantian turned around again and wandered around the stalls."
And those stall owners also know that this seemingly reckless teenager is definitely not so simple, but they also put away their idea of blackmailing this teenager. Whenever Huangfu Zhantian takes a fancy to something, they are very sincere in saying the price, that is, they earn a little hard work at most.
Suspection.i Zhantian didn’t hesitate to see something for himself. In a short time, I spent a full 20,000 yuan on Kung Fu suspection.i Zhantian, which made those people very shocked. I’m afraid this young man is not simple.
After buying everything you want, Huangfu Zhantian threw me three or five yuan crystals and said to him, "Well, you can go. I’ve bought almost everything!"
Took the suspection.i Zhantian throw me Yuan Jing’s old complexion is a little complicated. He is very fond of this rich Zhuo Gong, but when he is unwilling to give up, he advised, "I advise you to leave now quickly or you won’t be able to come if it’s too late" [
"Haha, Lao San, you still have this job. Well, I’ll go first. Take care of yourself!" Huangfu Zhantian said with a smile, anyway, there is nothing to miss here. Just turn around and leave here.
Seeing the free and easy back of Huangfu Zhantian, some people pinched the staff, but most people were holding a watching attitude. What’s more, they actually ran out and followed Huangfu Zhantian to see what the consequences would be if this person offended Tang.
Huangfu Zhantian felt that he was followed by those people, and his head was suddenly a head and two big. This limelight seemed a bit overdone, but he didn’t pay attention to those people, but he still strolled around the street as if he didn’t know what his horse was going to face.
Just as Huangfu Zhantian was wandering around and playing, a large group of people surrounded him, and the first one was the former Second Young Master Tang who left angrily.
"Hum smelly told you not to confront the young master. Now you hand over the necklace and kneel down and tell me that I was wrong, young master, and I will forgive you!" The Tang second young master looked at suspection.i Zhantian proudly way
"Lovely sun, where are you wrong? Tell it to grandpa! " Any suspection.i Zhantian immediately smiled back after hearing the words of the second young master Tang.
And the people around you immediately burst into laughter after hearing the words of Huangfu Zhantian, but when they thought of who they were laughing at, they all stopped laughing abruptly, as if the laughter had never happened just now.
"Sharp teeth and smelly mouth are small. Wait until the young master catches you, then break your teeth with a stick and cut off your tongue. See if your mouth is still hard. Give it to me. I’m going to beat you to death and leave me no breath!" Master Tang’s anger in his eyes is about to erupt. Just now, he accidentally ate Huangfu Zhantian. If this can make him swallow this tone.
When I heard the young master’s words, a large group of people came crashing in response to the imposing manner, which was really a cow. However, the opposite Huangfu Zhantian still looked at the present situation with a faint smile, and there was no sense of worry. It seems that this group of people has the highest strength, that is, the middle class. It seems that Master Tang’s second master is not successful. Otherwise, where could he have these crooked melons and cracked dates? For these people, Huangfu Zhantian is not at all at ease. Even if he suppressed his strength, he was stronger than these people. Just his fighting experience, which can compare with the middle
When these people were near, Huangfu lifted his right leg very slowly and then moved a little. The first one was about to approach others as if he had fallen down. The whole person directly fell over a dog and chewed shit, but the person behind him didn’t notice that he was directly tripped over by this person and then threw himself down. Those people behind him were like dominoes, making this person fall down behind and the whole thing became a pile of arhats.
I didn’t expect that I would form such a spectacular scene with such a simple move. But when I was stunned, it wasn’t too long, because those who didn’t trip over by him were all coming towards Huangfu Zhantian, and those who had already jumped were all coming towards Huangfu Zhantian.
I’m too lazy to play with them. I didn’t wait until these people came close to my body again. I threw all these people over the ground one by one, and then piled them up like a pyramid. Then he looked at the second young master Tang directly and jokingly.
"You … you don’t come here. If you hurt me, my dad won’t spare you!" The second young master Tang immediately roared in horror. He didn’t expect the strength of this foreigner to be so strong. If I had known it, I wouldn’t have been so reckless to come to the game.
"Get out of here! I’m not interested in rambling with you!" Huangfu Zhantian jumped lightly and then jumped those people, and then disappeared directly.
And those people around you don’t feel so happy when they look at the second young master Tang. This Tang Ji, a broken star city, has long provoked public anger because of the Tang forces. They dare to be angry and dare not speak now. Looking at this second young master Tang, they were taught a lesson. Of course, they gloated next to it.
And that Tang Ji didn’t care about his face at this time. He looked at the back of Huangfu Zhantian and then directed his people to run back. Today, he lost all his faces, but I’m afraid his petty mind is not finished.
Back to his room in the inn, Huangfu Zhantian first threw that pile of junk aside and then took out that piece of cloth. After careful observation for a long time, he finally determined that it was the same cloth that he was wearing this suit. Huangfu Zhantian asked the boss for a bucket of water, then cleaned it up and finally restored it.
However, it’s difficult to look at this cloth. Section 1331: Spirit Level 5.
This cloth is strong, but how can we divide it? He tried all the weapons in his own small world, even the weapons he got from the chaotic temple, but in the end, it made Huangfu Zhantian feel depressed, but there was no weapon that could hurt this cloth.
Nai Huangfu threw this cloth into the small world, so it is impossible to walk around in such a big piece of cloth. This is a bit exaggerated.
Huangfu Zhantian took out the first thing he bought, that is, the purple weird weapon. This weapon is bent at both ends and straight at both ends, just like two curved crescent-shaped weapons, but this weapon is the same thing as a handle, and there is no way to hold the root with his own hands. Although this weapon is very well-made and the material is very precious, I think it is because this weapon can be sold so cheaply.
It’s another thing that can’t be seen, and he just tried the strength of this weapon and found that it is very strong. His own strength has failed to damage this thing for seven minutes, so it should be a good thing.
Huangfu Zhantian will take the necklace out from the small world and look at the exquisite pattern of the fire phoenix chain and the quaint smell of this face. Huangfu Zhantian will conclude that this thing is definitely not a bad thing, otherwise it would be impossible to sell it for 5,000 yuan. If you want to give it to Xiao Yan, she should like it [
Satisfied, he put away the fire phoenix chain, and then he looked at his things. There were not many good things, but some medicinal materials. These were all rare things at different stages from five to seven, and they were rarely seen outside.
Looking at these herbs, suspection.i Zhantian sighed slightly that the level of refined pharmacists has not yet risen. I want to think that it should be no problem for me to break through to the realm of plane gods and refine the spiritual five-Dan medicine.
In my heart, I was so hot that I didn’t hesitate to put a layer of enchantment on this room. After that, I entered the small world. He was going to attack the spirit level five Dan medicine again. After he failed, he has been honestly refining the spirit level four Dan medicine. I think his realistic power should be able to refine the spirit level five Dan medicine.
Anger, Dan, fire attribute, the fighter makes Dan medicine. After this Dan medicine, the whole person will fall into a frenzy, and the strength will be doubled directly, and then he will be deputy for three days.
This Angry Dan is a fire fighter Aiji. Every fire fighter will buy some of this Dan medicine, and then when it is not ready, after all, it is impossible for anyone in Shenyuan Mainland to guarantee that he will not be in danger, but when he is in danger beyond his own strength, this Angry Dan may be able to save his life. Now he is going to participate in this auction. Although he feels that he is already a rich man, he still thinks that he can refine more Dan medicine to be on the safe side. If he sees something he likes, but the money is not enough, then these Dan medicines can be used as collateral.
Take out the main medicine of Anger Dan, a fire-like herb. This kind of herb grows in a place with very strong fire-like properties, and it must be well prepared when picking, otherwise an unwary person may be injured by fire poison. This herb is also a very precious herb. The old man gave himself less than 100 samples at the beginning, and he plans to refine all these herbs today.
After all the necessary things were ready, Huangfu Zhantian quickly took out the Huolingcao and put it into the Baicao Ding. Raytheon’s golden flame exploded and directly refined the Huolingcao into a lux liquid essence. This Huolingcao is very resistant to high-temperature things. If it is not successful in refining, I am afraid that this Huolingcao will not be so easily refined.
After refining this Huolingcao, Huangfuzhantian immediately put more than a dozen medicinal materials into it, and soon those medicinal materials were refined by Huangfuzhantian to the Ministry, and then merged into a liquid medicine, while that lux Huolingcao was still floating there alone, and Huangfuzhantian was not in a hurry to fuse this Huolingcao with his liquid medicine, because this is the most important step in refining Anger Dan. If this step is done, it will be easy to follow.
Took a deep breath, Huangfu Zhantian controlled Raytheon’s true qi to keep the two liquid medicines approaching, and when the liquid medicine refined from more than a dozen medicinal materials approached the liquid medicine refined from Huolingcao, the lux liquid medicine suddenly became violent, just like the fire property characteristics.
Seeing this scene, suspection.i war, as the heavenly heart, was suddenly caught up and didn’t dare to hesitate again. Raytheon’s true qi suddenly exploded and Raytheon’s golden flame suddenly doubled, directly hitting the two liquid medicines together.
When the two liquid medicines collided, the lux liquid medicine struggled, but Huangfu Zhantian suppressed the lux liquid medicine crazily, and finally slowly stopped struggling and then merged with the lux liquid medicine.
Seeing this scene, Huangfu Zhantian suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. Just now, it cost him twenty percent of Raytheon’s true qi, which is more tiring than fighting with people. However, this result made Huangfu Zhantian extremely excited. Since refining this spirit level five anger Dan consumes a little Raytheon’s true qi, wouldn’t it be said that he can refine a more advanced Dan medicine? For example, he hasn’t had that idea yet.
Carefully controlling Raytheon’s golden flame, he refined this lux anger Dan, and then he finally let go of the anger Dan and watched it carefully.
This angry Dan face is full of complex patterns, and I don’t know how it came into being, but it looks very beautiful and looks good.
And judging from the strong fire attribute energy on this Angry Dan surface, the refining of this Angry Dan is not only successful, but also the quality should be good, which makes Huangfu Zhantian feel vaguely excited. Section 133: Tang Jia’s attitude
However, he quickly suppressed his excitement. He wanted to try to refine the spirit-level six-Dan medicine. If so, this time he made a big profit and rose two levels.
But after a good half-day, Huangfu Zhantian looked at the medicinal materials that were burned into a mass of ashes and suddenly felt depressed. Sure enough, the refined pharmacist level was not so good.
Good suspection.i Zhantian had already been psychologically prepared, but it was not too sad. Then suspection.i Zhantian set out to refine the various column Dan medicines of the spirit level five.
But when Huangfu Zhantian refined medicine, the Tang family was full of gloom, because this second young master Tang Ji didn’t know how he felt that he couldn’t lift his penis since he came back. He didn’t have any idea yet, but when the woman tried to tease herself but she still couldn’t lift it herself, he finally panicked. She looked at her strange eyes. He quickly found his father and told his father Tang Jian about it.
When Tang Jian heard the words, he was immediately frightened and asked him what was going on. When he heard that Tang Ji had a fight with Huangfu Zhantian, and then there was a conflict, he cried and said to Tang Jian again, except Huangfu Zhantian, he didn’t expect anyone to plot against himself like this [
"Dad, you must make decisions for your son. If the whole generation is like this, there will be no life there!" Tang Ji cried with a snot and a tear. Yes, the figurine was Huangfu Zhantian. He also heard people around him talking about the notoriety of Tang Ji, so he wanted to take this opportunity to treat him. So Huangfu Zhantian secretly sent out a Raytheon Qi while fighting with them, and then he made some small hands and feet there, and then it became like this.

After this explanation, everyone continued to give gifts to each other, and the real master guided them to book their seats in the square.

The sun is warm and radiant.
When the sun reaches the zenith.
The panlong lesson-clearing bell in Zhenjiao Bell Tower rang nine times in a row.
Fang Yunhan Chunyang Road stepped out of the main hall.
The leader of Chunyang first introduced the previous situation to many fellow Jianghu people.
White old ape saw Fang Yunhan’s eyes fell on their side and nodded his head, hurriedly pulling General Lu’s escort head to pay tribute to them.
In the second half hour, it is the ceremony of teaching the position.
Until Fang Yunhan took a seat and was worshipped by all the true masters, the ceremony finally came to an end.
Unexpectedly, there were three youth stations later.
Fang Yunhan just boarded the position of the True Sect today, and he actually accepted three brothers to announce it to the public.
Moreover, the origins of these three brothers are also different, which can be discussed by everyone.
Mu Guiying is a former Star Sect hunting target, and he still carries that treasure with him.
She became the new brother of the True Sect, which means that this treasure has fallen into the true Sect, and the real Chongyang took the initiative to take this trouble.
And A Zi is a traitor of the Stars Sect, and it is a beautiful talk to turn over a new leaf and worship the truth.
In the end, Yu Xuzhu took the responsibility of Shaolin, and if his martial arts became great in the future, whether it was to integrate Shaolin into the truth or really support the re-establishment of Shaoshi Mountain.
You can talk about it for generations
When people around were discussing these important events, the white old ape suddenly patted the good leg and said to General Manager Lu, "I really taught to accept female disciples!"
General manager Lu’s escort said, "I haven’t heard of it before, but after Chongyang’s three brothers have two female crowns, they will probably put down the rules in this respect."
"Then let’s send the late smile to you when we get back."
White old ape, this discussion is a big move for General Manager Lu.
His granddaughter, Lin Wan, has a brilliant smile and is full of reading poems. She is even more courageous than ordinary women.
At the beginning, when she made friends with Long Changyin, she pointed out that this person had ulterior motives. Unfortunately, at that time, the two old people didn’t believe her that Long Changyin was angry because of the trouble of his legacy.
Manager Lu’s escort thought that the man was still in a bad mood. "At that time, the dog thief actually thought about laughing late. If she was allowed to learn some martial arts to protect herself, she was born with delicate meridians and was an adult …"
"It’s not a big problem that the authentic meridians are delicate."
White old ape didn’t care "if it weren’t for not accepting the rules of female brother, laughing late and being smart enough to make up for the physical qualification defects"
Manager Lu’s escort nodded deeply.
When he nodded, he always felt that many eyes had just fallen on his side when he flashed out of the corner of his eye
When he looked back, his eyes were fixed on some people who didn’t come and took their eyes back.
There is no one in the field who is not knowledgeable and alert.
The conversation between the two old men has long been heard by them.
Chongyang really belongs to Taoism, but even monks and evil traitors have their own homes. Isn’t there a younger generation to see?
When I go back, I’ll think about it. Once I have learned something, my gang will naturally rise with it. Isn’t it beautiful?
Everyone’s mind turned, and this ceremony was finally over. The real master asked everyone to leave the square and go to the mountain hall to get drunk.
When all the people were already leaving the square with rows of seats.
A Huang Yun suddenly floated to the distant hill.
At this time, the sky is high and the sky is light, and the Shan Ye is green and long and blue. Suddenly, such a cloud shows that people unconsciously stop and look intently.
The cloud was about a thousand feet away from here, and the crowd was immediately surprised at this.
Then where is the cloud? There are hundreds of beautiful women holding pholiota adiposa and wearing silk.
The big umbrella in their hands seems to be in a fog in the wind.
When the wind comes, they can change their posture by the resistance of their umbrellas, so that the whole queue of hundreds of people generally maintains its original height in the alternation of ups and downs.
By this means, these hundreds of people actually have the ability to fly over thousands of feet in one fell swoop
"That’s a hundred Griffin messengers, Tianshan Tongmu Wu Xingyun!"
The dim clouds came from the distant mountains and clouds, and they were all wrapped together and fell on this square.
Many seats were slightly detached from each other and arranged in all directions.

When you look intently, it turns out to be a child who just became a vampire a few days ago.

After becoming a vampire, he really grew at an amazing speed. Before he became a ghost, he was still a baby who couldn’t even walk, but in just a few days, he actually grew into a kid who could run and jump, just like a human child of four or five years old.
At the moment, he is hiding behind the door with a small head, and his curious eyes are looking at the feather.
Feather pastor grumpily stared at the kid and said grumpily, "What are you looking at? Dead kid! "
The thought of this kid killing several human children in a row after his rebirth and sucking their blood makes him get goose bumps and have an exhausted aversion to this kid. I really wish I could kill him with a sword.
The little vampire looked at the feather, stared at the big round eyes, and seemed a little scared. After a long time, he bravely jumped in front of the feather, his little head held high and looked as innocent as a human child.
Looking at shota, a vampire, with this lovely feather and cold face, I can’t stretch my face any longer. After all, this ghost child used to be a human child. He didn’t choose to become a vampire. She gently sighed and had a gentle attitude. She held out a thin hand and gently stroked the head of the little boy in front of her.
He looks as cute as other human children and distressing except for his small sharp horns and cute little fangs.
Vampire shota grinned at Feather Beard and pulled over Feather Beard and put a bright red fruit in it.
As soon as I saw the fruit, I was immediately attracted by it. The fruit was not as big as a pigeon’s egg. The color was bright red and tender, and the faint light looked very attractive, which made people want to swallow it.
"What is this?" Feathery asked strangely, "It looks delicious and familiar. Where do you think you have seen it?" And in modern society, American cherry looks like.
Shota, a delicate vampire, said, "This is what I picked up in the back hill!"
Feather handles are playing with small red fruits like rubies, but they are also full of childlike interest. I wonder if they are as delicious as cherries.
Really want to have a taste.
It won’t be toxic, will it?
Feather eyes turn to calculate, if toxic poison yourself, you have to be a prisoner of The Hunger Fengluo order.
She looked up and threw the fruit into her mouth.
Shota, a vampire, was stunned to see the feather swallow the fruit and couldn’t help worrying. He screamed, "Me, me!" "
His little hand clutched the feather sleeve tightly. "Give it back!"
Feather grass chewed the fruit carefully and felt a sweet juice slide from the throat into the belly with a faint sour taste.
Don’t say it’s delicious!
At the same time, the feather felt a hot air rising slowly from the abdomen, getting hotter and hotter, burning the feather almost out of breath.
This fruit is really poisonous. The feather and beard cover their chest with their hands, and they can’t support themselves. Their bodies have slipped from the bed to the ground.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-two Teasing
———please keep it.
It’s like being suddenly thrown into a flame for a barbecue. Feathers curl and roll like earthworms, and it’s painful.
When I was still sober, I secretly regretted it. I didn’t expect it to be a poisonous fruit. God, help me. I don’t want to die like this!
Vampires in shota have long been scared to death when they saw Feather’s pain. He stared blankly for a few seconds, and his small body darted out of the door like an arrow.
Go and find The Hunger Fengluo at once.
Vampire shota just rushed to the lobby of the snake cave and happened to bump into the snake lady Manlu.
Manlu’s hands tightly covered her plump breasts and made a frightened look. "The dead kid scared me and rushed to reincarnate?"
Vampire shota quickly said anxiously, "Aunt Manlu’s sister fainted! Help her!" He threw his hands and hurriedly pulled Manlu back.
What happened to that dead girl again?
Reluctantly, Manlu was pulled by vampire shota and hurried to the feather room.
When I saw the feather, Manlu was also surprised. Feather curled up and fell to the ground, dying.
Manlu hurriedly put her hand on a feather, and her eyebrows screwed up. The pulse was very disordered and there was no regularity. Look at the feather’s face as white as paper.
Dial the feather eyelid again, and now her pupils are scattered.
Shota Manlu, a vampire, kept stamping her feet and rubbing her little hands and pleading, "Aunt Manlu, help her!" Shota has a gentle and lovely sister in her eyes.
Manlu turned to ask shota, "How did this happen?"
Shota, a vampire, rolled his eyes in the novel "I picked some lovely red fruits in the back of the mountain for this sister to see and eat." He nervously put his hands and forefingers together and lowered his head.
"What? She ate the red fruit? " Manlu was taken aback. "Little fool, that’s poisonous snake venom. How can you eat it?"

In the process of traveling on the road, the dog egg accidentally found that his brother almost never moved his right hand. In his impression, his brother was not left-handed. Curious dog egg could not help but ask, "What happened to your arm, brother?" How come you have hardly practiced hard with Li Daochang for so long? Don’t lie to me. I am a master now. I felt it when you pulled me just now. "

"Some past events are just not much to say. I’m afraid your brother and master have no fate in this generation." Muqingfeng is very concerned about this matter. After all, with Xuelian, he has nothing to complain about. Even if time goes back and goes back to that cliff, Muqingfeng will still make the same choice.
"Don’t worry, brother, this is not me. When you catch wild animals, you are responsible for arranging the location. I am responsible for contributing three girls to eat. Now that I have grown up, business is still the same. By the way, I heard that you found three girls? How is she doing now? " Dog egg while driving a horse skillfully asked again.
"She’s not bad, but she’s got some injuries while walking in the Jianghu in recent years. My master took her to Wanchun Valley for treatment. It’s no big deal. Her adventures are not less than yours. She’s also a master now." Mu Qingfeng said lightly because he was afraid that the dog would know too much and was worried about avoiding weight.
"That would be interesting. When I see her again, I’m going to have a good competition with her and calculate my childhood accounts. Who let her always bully me with her parents’ ferocity?" The dog egg smiled heartlessly.
Zhu Ceguo looked at the two brothers talking and laughing and felt that their feelings must be very good, and they must have experienced a lot. Things have been the only thing since childhood, and Zhu Ceguo really envied this kind of brotherhood and sisterhood.
Just as they were talking, they unconsciously arrived at the gate of Beiyan Wangfu, and Zhan Yunyi was still so generous that he could hear his loud voice from a distance, not to mention that he must be vomiting-inducing toasts again.
"The war leader hasn’t seen you for many days, but you are getting more and more energetic." Mu Qingfeng smiled and appeared behind the war cloud wing to say a word in heart. He had a good impression on this honest and frank but reckless leader. Speaking of it, this was the first time that Mu Qingfeng saw the prominent figure except his master’s accident.
When I heard someone say hello to me, Zhan Yunyi let go of the big bowl. Looking back, I saw a thin and handsome boy smiling at himself. Although Muqingfeng changed with age, Zhan Yunyi recognized Muqingfeng at a glance, or that resourceful teenager was much taller, handsome and a little weak.
"So small! I said that my precious disciple ran out without taking off his clothes. What was it? It turned out to be you. I wondered what everyone was saying all the way. I still have the same name when I heard your name in the King’s Palace. It’s been a few years. Where’s your old hairy master? Is it here or not? I’m going to drink him to the bottom of the table today. "Said Zhan Yunyi, patting Muqingfeng’s shoulder and Xuanjiamen’s strength. Is that a joke? Shoot Muqingfeng backwards several steps directly. If it weren’t for being held by a dog’s egg, I’m afraid I’ll get a butt on the spot and do it, then there would be nothing left.
"I’m afraid my master will be disappointed if he stays in Wanchun Valley for some mundane things." Mu Qingfeng rubbed his shoulders and watched Zhan Yunyi with bitterness. This lout greeting people is still so unique. It’s a good thing that the dog egg is his brother. It is estimated that he will not live for three days if he worships in his door.
"Old Zamao is not here, that’s really disappointing. Go and play there by yourself. I want to catch up with the White House." Zhan Yunyi waved his hand if he was not interested.
Looking at his eldest brother’s red face, Mu Qingfeng prayed silently in his heart that he would fall into the hands of the war leader … Mu Qingfeng didn’t dare to think about what would happen in an hour.
"Stay! If you don’t come here, I will eat it all! " Saussurea involucrata waved her arm.
Muqingfeng pulled some dull dog eggs away from Zhanyunyi like running for his life. Looking at the burly dog eggs, he didn’t even dare to breathe in front of Zhanyunyi, knowing that this little one was oppressed a lot.
"Lotus son, this is my brother Zhan Yunyi’s nickname dog egg." Muqingfeng pointed to the dog egg and picked up a hoof and a mouth directly to Zhu Ceguo, who had long been called aside by the old princess. After all, he was a little drunk and somewhat frivolous in entertaining guests.
"It’s interesting that you are brothers, and you have one surname and one surname, Mu." Xuelian asked curiously, "Isn’t this your enemy Ling wang xing?" Snow Lotus lowered its voice.
"Hey!" The dog’s egg is much smoother than before, and it is no longer the dull boy. "I always called the dog’s egg to worship the Xuanjiamen door. The master thought the name was not pleasant to listen to, so he gave it the name ZhanYunxiao. By the way, you are so beautiful. Are all grassland girls so beautiful?"
Snow lotus son heard her brother-in-law praise a little shy and secretly glanced at her eating Haisai Muqingfeng. She couldn’t help but be short of breath. She didn’t understand the amorous feelings!
Although Mu Qingfeng is constantly eating and drinking, but his mind is agile, he still finds the wrong place. He should stay close to Mu Chongshan, who is not here. What else will make him leave himself? Of course, after getting along for so long, Mu Qingfeng denied that he would do something sorry for himself.
At this time, Mu Chongshan is wandering around Yecheng, and Mu Qingfeng is right. He can avoid this occasion. Specifically, he should avoid the battle cloud wing. After all, the battle cloud wing is the younger brother of Ling Wang, and the two of them are old friends. If they appear in front of the battle cloud wing now, many unexpected situations will happen.
In fact, Mu Qingfeng, Mu Chongshan, thinks that there are still many things to hide from him because he thinks it is not yet time to expose everything, but looking at Mu Qingfeng, there is a reckless teenager who has mixed up now and is eager to tell the king Mu Chongshan whether to tell him the truth before things can be redeemed.
"Good command!"
Mu Chongshan hasn’t heard this name for a long time. Looking back, it turned out to be Zhan Yu and his party. Although Mu Chongshan has been away from Ling Wangfu for a long time, many guards of Ling Wangfu are still excited to see him, except for Zhan Yu. Of course, he almost wanted to pounce on Mu Chongshan when he saw it. It was because Mu Chongshan’s poor guards that he lost his important right hand.
"Ladies and gentlemen, I am no longer the leader of the mausoleum palace guards, so please stop calling me that." Mu Chongshan waved his hand at the excited guards.
"I’m sorry that you asked me to change my name to the imperial palace. You have to give me an explanation today!" Zhan Yu still couldn’t help it.
"Everyone in the temple has his own ideas, but you must insist. It would be nice if you stayed in the palace honestly. Why should you step into this muddy water three times and five times?" The reputation of war is not polite to the former Lord. Now, in his eyes, the reputation of war is not even comparable to that of Muqingfeng’s little finger, but for some unspeakable reasons, Muchongshan still intends to give this mausoleum Wang some respect.
The reputation of war is not my brother’s very cultured people. When he says it, some words are too radical, that is, Mu Chongshan knows that his temper might have been done by ordinary people, but even if he knows it, he can’t stand it. It’s so fucking ugly.
Mu Chongshan continued to kill himself for many years, and he felt cold when he put a little reputation outside. He seemed to be stared at by the tiger, and he didn’t expect that the gentle guards in the past had such a murderous side.
Seeing the silence and the reputation of the war, Mu Chongshan’s evaluation of him was a little lower because he heard the reputation of the war when he left.
"Mu and I want to ask you one last question. You’ve been with my father for so many years. Can you tell me that he doesn’t value me at all and won’t let me participate in major events? Is it true that old people like you don’t like waste like me? " In fact, Zhan Yu has been wanting to ask this question for a long time, and he has never had a chance. He knows that if he misses today, there may be no other chance in his life.
Mu Chongshan certainly knows something, but he can’t say that he hesitated for a long time before he gently said, "Your report is a good house for you."
Mu Chongshan left him after simply saying that he had won the war. He was waiting until Zhan Yunyi returned to his house. Although it was getting late, Mu Qingfeng was a little drunk today and it was difficult to meet his brother. He was a little excited about the fact that Mu Chongshan didn’t show up one day.
Mu Chongshan asked a Wangfu people where Zhan Yunyi was. On the other hand, they have known each other for a long time. This is a matter of great importance. Mu Chongshan hasn’t decided how to talk yet.
"This friend outside the window, you are pacing back and forth outside my room. You can consider that disturbing people’s dreams will make them fight. Today, I drink a little too much. If I die, I will not be responsible." Zhan Yunyi came over with a breath of alcohol.
"Sir Zhong is still so generous. I don’t know if I’m drunk and Sir Zhong can stop me from taking a few knives. "Mu Chongshan said with a smile that since it was discovered, it would be good to be Joseph.
"Bang!" As soon as the window of Zhanyun Wing House was smashed, a bruiser rushed out like a Owlman and faced Muzhong Mountain. It was a trick to "Rise the Lutai". Although he didn’t have his own well-known Wujinjian shield in his hand, he had been practicing Cangshan for a long time, and he still had the power to crack mountains and stone.
Mu Chongshan didn’t dare to lift Mu’s villa’s unique flying skill directly, flying directly over the top of Zhanyunyi’s head, and let him hit the rockery with a strong palm. A faint palm print actually appeared in the rockery. If this trick was hit on people, I’m afraid the dirt was not intact. Mu Chongshan also didn’t want to let himself fall. When he fell, he directly pulled out his treasure knife, "Snow flooded Baqiao" and split it against Zhanyunyi. Zhanyunyi felt sharp knife and wind tunnel was not good. An iron bridge escaped this trick.
"Sir Zhong, I haven’t seen you for days, and you’ve made progress. If you’ve just laid a solid foundation, I’m afraid I don’t have a good bone all over." Mu Chongshan smiled and put his knife in its sheath.
"You’re small and not bad. Just now, you weren’t thinking about unloading me? I also abandoned your martial arts when you were away from Ling Wangfu. "Zhan Yunyi is a bear hug. To be honest, this martial arts high-strength bodyguard around him who is busy with military eldest brother all day is more suitable for his appetite.
Zhan Yunyi was pleasantly surprised to find Mu Chongshan here, but he was not stupid. If there were no important things, Mu Chongshan wouldn’t meet him in this way. To be honest, because he is located in the North Yanling Wangfu, there are many things that Zhan Yunyi didn’t note. He also longed for the mountains and came here under the orders of Ling Wang.
"A lot of things I can’t elaborate with Sir Zhong, and I will want to give Mr Zhong an account when I come here in a hurry tonight. This matter is because Mu Qingfeng hopes that Mr Zhong can help me get an idea." After that, Mu Chongshan slowly spoke out that he found the secret, and when he finished, Zhan Yunyi’s face disappeared slightly drunk. It seems that even in Beiyan’s own sphere of influence, Zhan Yunyi did not relax at all.
"How sure are you about this?" Zhan Yunyi’s hands seem to want to crush something. It seems that the impact of Mu Chongshan’s news is really extraordinary
"Sir Zhong, I’m absolutely sure about this matter, otherwise, Sir Zhong will recognize what I will leave Ling Wangfu. In fact, Ling Wang also knows that I left it because of his instructions." Mu Chongshan must have answered the question of Zhan Yunyi.
"This matter must not be known to Muqingfeng at present. Although I am sorry for him, keeping my mouth shut is your best choice now. If the whole court knows about it, I’m afraid it will get out of hand." Zhan Yunyi’s suggestion is not surprising to Muqingfeng at all. It seems cruel to Muqingfeng in his opinion.
"This matter from public to private has to be kept secret. Tell you what, I’ll write a letter to my eldest brother to see what his attitude is, and then we’ll make plans. Remember that before," said Zhan Yunyi.
"Sir Zhong, rest assured that heaven knows earth knows you, I know the report knows that no one will know it again." Mu Chongshan promised to the Zen Cloud Wing that in fact they didn’t know that another person had discovered the secret. Of course, this is another story.
Mu Qingfeng appeared in front of Zhu Ceguo early the next morning. In his opinion, he couldn’t delay for a quarter of an hour, but he couldn’t start at Xuanjiamen because they were all focused on armor and didn’t move so fast. Mu Qingfeng had to find another way.
Finally, after discussion, Mu Qingfeng and Gou Dan rode some elite Xuanjiamen on fast horses to the head of the battlefield. Zhan Yunyi followed with the follow-up troops and the trench. Mu Qingfeng believed that the most important thing now was to boost the morale of the East China Sea. After being repeatedly attacked by the Japanese for so long, the morale of the people and the army had already fallen to a limit. Now even a small victory will bring great encouragement to people. Zhu Ceguo did not oppose Mu Qingfeng’s tactical adjustment. Unfortunately, he also saw that Xuanjiamen’s powerful fighting capacity was heavy. The strong fighting capacity of infantry will inevitably make them less mobile, but in recent days, Zhu Ceguo has learned that Mu Qingfeng is pinning his hopes on him in the battlefield myth.
Just as they were hurrying along, Zhu Jie, the king of the East China Sea, was reposing on a big rock. This urgent March exhausted his little physical strength, but he was still a little late. The Japanese had just finished the disaster in this village and left a pile of ruins and people who kept crying.
"General Liu of the Temple of the King of Lu is coming." Captain Zhu Jie of the King of Lu gently called out a little sleepy, and the sovereign was in charge of the guards. He knew that his sovereign had not slept for several days.
"Oh, let him come here. Have the casualties been counted?" Zhu Jie opened his dissatisfied bloodshot eyes and rubbed his temples. He was still old, and he had to March for a few days to make himself exhausted.
"Report back that the report has now found out that the Japanese killed 132 villagers and stole 63 women. All the houses were burned and …" General Liu’s voice became smaller and smaller.