This behavior is not as good as yourself, and you are also the Lord! It’s … God is unfair!

It’s a pity that the third young master married such a woman with a promising future!
After waiting for a full quarter of an hour, I went to report that the coloured glaze had not come out yet.
Even Fang Zhou’s sneer at this Ma Wei is too obvious, isn’t it? And it’s annoying to come and go with such little tricks!
She rushed to the girl who had just talked to her and laughed. "What’s taking you so long, big sister? Haven’t you come yet? Won’t the toilet fall into the toilet? "
The maids didn’t expect her to come so suddenly, and several of them couldn’t help laughing.
Have that get along with coloured glaze some uneven unbearable way "three little lady how can you say that coloured glaze elder sister! When did Sister Liuli collide with Mrs. Sanshao? If Mrs. San Shao said that she had her own housekeeper and punished her according to the rules! Mrs. Sanshao said that the handmaiden was unfair to Sister Liuli! "
"I am kind enough to say that you are unfair!" Even Fang Zhou is very koo said, "Isn’t this the same wavelength in the hospital? Take a message. What took you so long? What if everyone is like her! I can’t imagine why she has been gone for so long without a message unless she can’t hold back the toilet! Is it cheating, playing tricks and hiding from laziness? Oh, that’s not good! I have to talk to my aunt when I meet her! It is not worthwhile to raise a light to eat and not to live! "
The servant girls looked at each other one leng.
Even Fang Zhou’s words are indecent, but they are refuted by human law.
Everyone knows that this is the second lady’s intention to give Mrs. San Shao Ma Wei to everyone. There is no other way for Mrs. San Shao to wait here honestly, but she has sent such a truth!
The girl who helped the coloured glaze talk turned red with anger and secretly lost her heart.
The second lady wants to meet people most, and because of the third young master’s face, she will never let people think that she is making things difficult for the third young lady!
If Mrs. San Shao really said these words in front of Mrs. Er, Mrs. Er will definitely punish Mrs. Liu! No injustice!
The girl hurriedly smile apologetically "this handmaiden also don’t know what happened! Handmaiden, go and see Mrs. Sanshao. Wait a minute! " Said hurriedly turned and ran.
The maids couldn’t help but be honest, and they made a lot of convergence. They honestly didn’t dare to look at even Fangzhou as casually as before.
Jean girl’s palm can’t help but tighten tightly and bite her lips gently.
For a long time, she has been patient, patient and patient, and has tried her best to deal with the world carefully. She is often so angry that her liver hurts and she tears in her back.
She didn’t expect even Fang Zhou’s messy faction to give a hard blow to these ladies’ courtyard maids as soon as they opened their mouths.
In the final analysis, it’s because she’s the wife of her brother, and it’s justified to occupy the status of Mrs. Sanshao. How dare these maids even if they don’t like or despise her again?
When will Brother Fu remember to give himself an identity …
Thought of here, she couldn’t help but feel a pang of sadness and wet eyes.
This time, I didn’t wait long for Liuli and the former girl to come in a hurry.
Coloured glaze quickly before a few steps to even Fang Zhou knees upon smile apologetically "handmaiden just belly a little uncomfortable went to the toilet harm three little lady waiting handmaiden damn it! Please forgive me, Mrs. San Shao! "
What can I say except that?
Said the second lady told her not to go? Is it not openly said that the second lady intends to hang Lian Fangzhou!
Say no, mother and sister, ask her for a hand? Isn’t it a sign that she is not as important as a person in her eyes to leave her hanging here waiting?
Said he forgot for a moment? It’s ridiculous!
You will still be punished!
In order to avoid punishment, she can say that she went to the toilet with a stomachache.
After all, people have three emergencies, which is understandable.
Sure enough, even Fangzhou suddenly realized and laughed. "I told you, it must be like this! It feels really bad to eat a bad belly! It’s okay. If you don’t feel comfortable, don’t force it! I don’t care about waiting one more time. Chapter 644 Complain at the wrong place.
Coloured glaze reluctantly smiled and his face was very ugly. "The second lady asked Mrs. Sanshao to go in. The second lady also said that it was good not to go when Miss Qin came back."
Miss Qin couldn’t wait to nod and laugh. "In that case, I’ll go back first!"
Even fangzhou said don’t turn around and leave.
This compartment even Fang Zhou’s master and servant followed the coloured glaze in.
In the main hall, the second wife, Kim, sits in a soft facial features, her eyebrows are sparse and her lips are slightly sipped, and she is somewhat leisurely and harmonious. She is dressed in a dark satin pattern, and her collar, cuffs and hem are rolled for two inches to pick out the wishful ganoderma lucidum flowers and plants, which makes her whole person dignified and expensive.
Sitting next to her is a beautiful little girl of fourteen or fifteen years old, wearing pink embroidered clothes with precious stones, gold wreaths with pendants and beaded tassels, and looking around, the tassels are shining lightly, which makes her more clever.
This is the second lady’s favorite daughter Li Wanrou.
In addition to serving the maids, there are two young waitresses dressed in gorgeous clothes and wearing a lady’s bun standing behind the second lady. It should be her two daughters-in-law, the eldest daughter-in-law Zou Shi and the second daughter-in-law Qi Shi.
Even Fang Zhou came in as usual, and everyone’s eyes fell on her without looking at her.
She has already made people feel lost.
Even Fang Zhou saluted the second lady and laughed. "Is this the same aunt? The second aunt looks really young! "
Spring apricot, peach also follow salute.
See even fangzhou salute crooked, barely qualified Zou, ceausescu could not help secretly pie mouth qi qi gives birth to a sense of pride.
Their husbands are not as many as Li Fu, but they are much taller and more educated than Lian Fangzhou. Isn’t that something to be proud of?
Li Wan’s softness can’t be seen by them. Even Fang Zhou’s eyes are undisguised and full of ridicule and disdain. She also "scoffed" and laughed.
Even Fang Zhou turned a deaf ear and smiled at the second lady.
The second lady smiled and said, "Are you the wife of Sixing? It’s really wonderful. No wonder thinking about you all the time! Don’t see me when you get to the second aunt. Sit down quickly! Let’s have a good talk! "
"hey!" Even fangzhou promised honestly, and then walked over and sat down.
Look at their eyes
Anyway, in their eyes, she saw two words from beginning to end: picky!
In that case, just let them choose one!
The second lady saw that she was sitting for granted. Although it was her own words, it was impossible not to let her sit, but she didn’t sit trembling and didn’t sit tight. She still felt a little depressed.
How can she be so relaxed and carefree?
This is the first time she has met her husband’s family elders and people from such a small place. Shouldn’t she look at her face carefully step by step?
When I think of Mammy Zhou’s reply just now, the second lady is even more depressed, and even Fangzhou is not pleasing to the eye.
"The road is smooth! Have you encountered any trouble? " Second lady half ring perfunctory asked with a smile
Even Fang Zhou didn’t speak, but he heard Li Wan’s soft smile "before". He picked out the arch eyebrows carefully and smiled briskly. "Mom, you asked this question, not knowing past ask! If this road had gone smoothly, Sister-in-law would have arrived in Beijing! I heard that Aqin was ill, so Sister-in-law took care of her all the way! She is so big! To put it bluntly, it is a handmaiden who dares to let Sansao take care of this decency! Third sister-in-law is really good! But how did the third brother allow such a thing! I’m unfair for Sansao! "
Chun Xing and Bi Tao couldn’t help but show some anger in their eyes and agreed with this Miss Li’s words.
Although even Fang Zhou’s heart is white and Li Wan’s softness is provoking, I have to say that after listening to these words, think again about Miss Qin’s attitude towards herself, which is really somewhat unpleasant.